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2019 BalanceTRAK Release Notes
Add a New Requisition
Apply Advanced Filters to the Requisition List
Approve a Job Seeker
Approve a Job Seeker for Hire
Approve a Requisition
Assemble Job Seeker Forms
Assign Job Seeker Stage and Disposition
BalanceTRAK / Settings for Location Access
BalanceTRAK > Additional Software Header Tools
BalanceTRAK > Home page Dashboard
BalanceTRAK > Manage and Track Sources
BalanceTRAK > Perform a Quick Data Search
BalanceTRAK > Questions > Determine Options for Answers
BalanceTRAK > Recent User Activity
BalanceTRAK > Report Settings (Optional)
BalanceTRAK > Reports
BalanceTRAK > Reports > Export (Data)
BalanceTRAK > Reports > Filter (Optional)
BalanceTRAK > Reports > Metrics
BalanceTRAK > Settings > Approval Process Templates
BalanceTRAK > Settings > Define an Approval Process
BalanceTRAK > Settings > Design/Edit a Form Template
BalanceTRAK > Settings > Email Templates
BalanceTRAK > Settings > Form Templates
BalanceTRAK > Settings > Learn About Question Types
BalanceTRAK > Settings > Questions (Library)
BalanceTRAK > Settings > Reference Tables
BalanceTRAK > Settings > Scoring Schemes
BalanceTRAK > Settings > Special Settings by Reference Table
BalanceTRAK > Settings > System
BalanceTRAK > Settings > System > Archive
BalanceTRAK > Settings > System > Home page
BalanceTRAK > Settings > Workflow
BalanceTRAK > System Tools > Client Settings
BalanceTRAK > System Tools > Client Usage Report
BalanceTRAK > System Tools > Email Settings
BalanceTRAK > System Tools > Profile Management
BalanceTRAK > System Tools > User Management
BalanceTRAK Overview and Navigation
BalanceTRAK Software Help and Support
balanceTRAK Table of Contents
BalanceTRAK User Account (and Security)
balanceTRAK Video Spotlight
Communicate with the Job Seeker
Design Requisition Approvals
Develop the Full and Short Job Description
Display Resume, Cover Letter, and Documents
Easy-click Job Posting Tools
Edit Keywords and Check Matches
HELP / Library
Implement Resumé Keywords
Indeed Apply Process
Job Seekers: Run an Advanced Search
Learn about BalanceTRAK Form Types and Workflow
Manage Forms
Manage the Job Seeker Profile
Monitor Approval Process Status
Navigate and Save the Draft Requisition
Navigate the Job Seeker Detail
Navigate the Requisition Detail
Offer Templates
Organize the Job Seeker List
Organize the Requisition List
Other Job Seeker Detail Tools
Other Requisition Detail Tools
Perform Job Seeker Actions
Preview, Edit, Export the Job Description
Requisition Templates
Resolve Duplicate Job Seekers (Administrators only)
Review Summary and Save the Requisition
Review the Job Seeker's Submitted Forms
Review the Requisition Summary and Fields
Schedule the Job Seeker Interview
Select Sources to Post a Job
Send Email (and Forms) from the Job Seekers List
Set Workflow / Posting Dates
Settings > Job Posting Page
Software Transition Crosswalk
Start with Requisition Basics
State Job Board balanceTRAK Integration
Submit a Job Seeker for Background Screening / Onboarding
What's New in balanceTRAK