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BALANCEworks Family of Software

Version 3.9.1

April 2017

As part of our efforts to continually improve our products and services, Berkshire performed upgrades to the family of BALANCEworks software products.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Berkshire’s Product Support department at product.support@berkshireassociates.com; or use our Product Support Request, which is also available from each software application's Support button in the page header.

Berkshire’s Product Support Team

The BALANCEaap & BALANCEhub upgrades include the following:

  • The Plan Settings menu for Adverse Impact calculations now offers an option to activate a threshold for determining a favored group when analyzing applicant data. Once turned on, a minimum number of applicants can be entered, representing the lowest number of applicants allowed before a class can be considered as the favored group.
  • A batch-processing button was added to the Applicant table in Data Tables for use in reconciling IWD and Protected Veteran (PV) fields in the Applicant, Roster, and personnel action tables to support consistency across the records.
  • Refinements to the Availability display filters now allow more areas, as calculated by the Recruitment Area Wizard, to be included (or excluded) on the screen. This change will ensure single-region areas display when the filter to include these areas is in place.
  • Internal Availability has been enhanced with an option to export Feeders to an Excel workbook, using a toolbar button.
  • The IWD (Individuals with Disabilities)/Veterans module has been updated to reflect the new Protected Veteran hiring benchmark for March 30, 2017, as published by the Office of Federal Contractor Compliance Programs (OFCCP) under the Vietnam Veterans Readjustment and Assistance Act (VEVRAA).
  • Pages in the Narratives can now be numbered, by activating an option on the Narratives > Settings tab.
  • The HISTORY SOURCE SUMMARY report, previously available by Job Group, can now be run by Job Code.
  • In REACH, the ACTIVITY DETAIL LIST report has been reorganized to include evaluation scores and notes.
  • Minor updates were made to improve performance and resolve bugs.

This BALANCEtrak upgrade includes the following:

  • The SELF-IDENTIFICATION section/form for disability status to be completed by the Job Seeker is now available in English OR Spanish through Administrative Settings > Form Templates.
  • The SELF-IDENTIFICATION section/form for disability status also reflects a revised Federal Office of Management and Budget (OMB) expiration date of January 31, 2020.
  • For improved communication of your organization’s compliance language, multiple versions of EEO and PAY TRANSPARENCY documents can be stored for display to Job Seekers during the application process. In particular, this change allows for the storage of English and Spanish versions of these attachments.
  • Minor changes have been made to improve performance and resolve bugs.