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  • About the Screenings Tab
  • Send a Background Check Form to the Job Seeker
    • Rerelease the Form
  • Submit the Job Seeker for a Background Check
    • Receipt of the Background Check Results
  • Submit a New Hire to Third-party Onboarding
  • Resubmit Information to the Provider

Take Advantage of Links to External Services (Where Installed)

About the Screenings Tab

In particular, the Job Seeker detail > Screenings tab facilitates the Background Check process, including transmitting a BACKGROUND CHECK Form to the Job Seeker for completion and tracking Form status. The Screenings tab also connects you to certain integrated third-party vendors that provide not only background investigations (e.g., Justifacts), but also onboarding services (e.g., EMPtrust). The menus displayed here on vendor-specific sub-tabs will reflect the information-gathering needs of the particular provider.

Important Note: While balanceTRAK facilitates interactions with select third-party providers, each vendor will maintain its proprietary Website and deliver services, based on an agreement between your organization and the provider.

Send a Background Check Form to the Job Seeker

When this action is performed, the Job Seeker will receive an email message, containing a link to log into the applicant interface and complete the BACKGROUND CHECK Form.

Prepare for this action by reviewing the content of the corresponding Email Template and Form Template. These templates will be managed by your client-side Administrator, if changes need to be made. Then:

  1. Visit the Screenings tab > Background Check sub-tab to perform actions related to the background screening. When you are ready to send the Form to the Job Seeker, simply click the [Release Background Check Form] button.
  2. The status of the Form will be indicated in the upper toolbar as: Released. Below, the Form will display in a PDF viewer, showing the pre-populated and blank Sections.
  3. When the information from the Job Seeker comes back, the Background Check status will update to: Completed on [date]. In addition, the completed Form will display in the PDF viewer.

Cross-reference: The Forms tab and the Background Check sub-tab share the same PDF viewing tool. To learn about the viewer, see: Review Submitted Forms / View a Form (in PDF).

Submit the Job Seeker for a Background Check

Quick Tip: On the Forms tab, verify and cross-check information, provided by the Job Seeker: Review Submitted Forms.

Navigate to the Job Seeker's Screenings tab. A sub-tab will display for your integrated provided. On this sub-tab, follow the vendor-provided prompts, and make any required selections or entries. Then, press [Submit] to forward the Form to the third-party vendor and initiate background screening.

Rerelease the Form

At the upper right, Expand the upper toolbar, and click the Rerelease icon.

Receipt of the Background Check Results

In addition to maintaining an external portal, the third-party Background Check provider will typically send an email notification directly to the submitter's Email program upon completion of the check. The message may include a link to the results and/or be accompanied by a report attachment.

However, if supported by the provider, a link to the vendor's portal may display on the Screenings tab once the report is ready to be viewed.

Submit a New Hire to Third-party Onboarding

If your organization currently has an account with EMPTrust — and a Job Seeker has been placed in the Job Seeker Stage of Hire — an EMPTrust sub-tab will display on the Screenings tab.

After confirming that the Job Seeker's Profile and APPLICATION are complete, click the [Submit] button. The EMPTrust system will automatically pull the necessary data over to the vendor's external site to facilitate your organization's Onboarding process.

In balanceTRAK, a message will indicate that the information has been forwarded, plus the date of transmission.

Resubmit Information to the Provider

If a submission has been sent previously, click the [Resubmit] button, available on the appropriate Screenings sub-tab during that time, to send any updated or additional information.