Export Job Seekers


  • Choose Requisitions to Include
  • Determine File Type for Exported Data
  • Filter Job Seeker Data to Include


Export Job Seeker Data

Job Seeker data can be made available in Excel or text formats for use outside of BALANCEtrak.

From the Job Seekers module, choose the Export tab from the tab header.

Choose Requisitions to Include

Using the drop-down in the page header, choose whether to Export Job Seekers for:

  • All Requisitions
  • [A single Requisition Number]

Determine File Type for Exported Data

Select a File Type to Export to, either:

  • Excel 97-2003
  • Excel 2007
  • OR

  • Text CSV (Comma Separated Values)

Filter Job Seeker Data to Include

Make selections from the Filter Options menu to hone in on particular Job Seeker data. Options may include those in the following categories:

  • Location, Establishment, Plan Code, Department, or other organizational unit
  • Requisition and/or Applicant Status
  • Posting Start Date, Employee Acceptance Date, and/or other date

Quick Tip: If no criteria are selected or entered within a menu, All is the default selection, creating more results. Any selections made will reduce the number of results.

Further filters are available under Job Seeker Fields and Requisition Fields to organize how the data will be displayed. In the exported file, each Job Seeker will represent a row, or line item, in the exported file. All checked Fields will display as columns, with the Field label as the column header.

When finished, click [Export], and [Open] or [Save] the file.