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Home Page Basics

Dashboard Notifications

Requisitions Needing Approval

If you are an approver for Requisitions — and a Requisition requires your approval — an alert banner will display at the top of the Home page Dashboard. This reminder will list the Requisition by:

  • Requisition Number
  • Job Code
  • Job Title

Click the [Review] icon associated with the Requisition to display the corresponding Review Requisition detail. A notification message will also appear at the top of the screen when the detail is displayed.

  • within the message, click the link: See approval section below
  • OR

  • Scroll down to the Approval Process menu

Choose to [Approve] or [Not Approve] the Requisition. You can also enter: Comments.

Job Seekers Needing Approval

If one or more Job Seekers require your approval for hiring, a banner will display at the top of the Dashboard, entitled: New Hires Needing Approval. Click the [Review] icon for a particular Job Seeker to display the Review Job Seeker detail. Using the Approval Process menu, select either: [Approve] or [Not Approve] and optionally, enter: Comments.

Saved Views List

If you have filtered the Requisitions or Job Seekers list — and saved the results as a customized view — the Dashboard's Saved Views banner provides quick access to the filtered view.