Easy-click Job Posting Tools

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  • Post the Job Listing Internally and/or Externally
  • Accept New Job Seekers
  • Export to Excel (Job Seeker Activity, History, Notes)

Use the Requisition Detail Header to Control Job Posting Settings

Three key tools appear in the Requisition detail header for all tab views. When the Requisition is ready to post on the Web, these icon-based tools, located at the upper right, provide "fingertip" control over the following Job Posting actions:

  • Post Internally
  • Post Externally
  • Accept New Applications

Quick Tip: A red Alert symbol on the Requisition list indicates all three Requisition header settings are turned off, while a yellow Alert icon indicates the Requisition is not currently posted.

Cross-reference: These settings can be automatically turned on at Requisition creation through settings on the Requisition detail > Workflow tab.

Post the Job Listing Internally and/or Externally

Access the two controls below the Summary tab header for: Posted Internally and Posted Externally.

Click on the desired setting(s). When the setting is not in place, the icon will have a strike-through in red.

Quick Tip: Existing Job Seekers can still complete Forms (e.g., BACKGROUND CHECK) when the Accept New Applications and posting flags are off.

Accept New Job Seekers

Also below the Summary tab header, click the Accepting New Job Seekers icon to turn that setting on or off.

Export to Excel (Job Seeker Activity, History, Notes)

Data can be directly exported from some Requisition detail tabs, including Job Seeker Activity, History, and Notes. Click the Export to Excel icon, located in the tab's upper toolbar. The corresponding data will appear in a new window, suitable for printing or saving.

Cross-reference: For information on exporting a Job Description, see: Preview, Edit, and Export the Job Description.