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  • Add a New BALANCEtrak User
  • Profile Tools
    • Edit the User's Function and Data Profiles
    • Copy Profile to User
    • Copy Profile from User
  • User List Tools
    • View Inactive Users
    • Filter the BALANCEtrak User List
  • User Access
    • About the User Access Code
    • Assign/Remove User Access Codes by User
    • Import User Access to Append the User List

Administer User Credentials for BALANCEtrak

Note: The functions described in this article are for users with Administrative-level permissions; these functions may not display or be activated in your organization's Implementation. If you have questions regarding the functions available to you, please contact your system Administrator or Berkshire’s Product Support, as appropriate for your role and organization.

Your organization’s Implementation comes preloaded with accounts for an initial group of users. If you are a system Administrator at your organization, you may add a new user or edit an existing user.

To access the User list and the accompanying tools, click the System Tools icon in the page header. Then access Security / User Management to display the BALANCEtrak sub-tab.

Add a New BALANCEtrak User

From upper toolbar on the BALANCEtrak sub-tab / Manage Users screen, click the [Add] button to open the Add User menu:

  1. Enter the Email (address) for each user to serve as the user’s login ID.
  2. Caution: Because the Email address identifies the user, only one user per email address can be added to the system.

  3. Enter the user’s First Name, Last Name, and (optional) Phone Number.
  4. Check off whether to require: Change Password on First Logon.
  5. Select a Function Profile and a Data Profile from the provided drop-downs.
  6. Quick Tip: If you are unsure about Profile selections, retain the defaults, and change them from the User list, after the user is added, as described below.

Click [Save] to add the user and return to the User list.

Cross-reference: For a complete step-by-step guide, see the: Quick Start Guide for Setting up New BALANCEtrak Users.

Profile Tools

Edit the User's Function and Data Profiles

When a new user is added, Profiles are assigned at that time. To change the existing Function or Data Profile, click the Function Profile or Data Profile entry, and select another Profile from the drop-down. Click Save.

Cross-reference: For more information on what Profiles are, see: Profile Management.

Copy Profile to User

First, locate the source user, with the appropriate Profile settings, on the BALANCEtrak User list. Then click the [Copy to] icon to the far left of the entry.

Using the displayed Select Users column, check off one or more users who require the same Profile and [Business Unit] Code Access, moving the selection(s) to the Copy to Users column. Click the [Copy User Information] button, located below the right-hand column.

If the selections are not satisfactory, you can [Remove] the selected user from the Copy to User column, or [Clear List].

Copy Profile from User

Starting from the BALANCEtrak User list, click the [Copy from] icon to the left of the user record. The Copy and Add User menu will display.

Enter the following for the new user, who will have the same settings as the selected user:

  • Email
  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Change Password on First Logon

Click {Save] to add the user to the User list.

User List Tools

View Inactive Users

To view a complete list of BALANCEtrak Users, check the box on the upper right, in the sub-tab header: Display Inactive Users.

Cross-reference: Users are deactivated through the BALANCEworks tab.

Filter the BALANCEtrak User List

Click the [Expand] icon to the right of the User Filter header. Select one of the two bars for:

  • Function/Data Profiles
  • User Access

Check the box for each Profile to display. You may also choose to show: Deactivated Users.

Click [Apply Filter], a button located at the bottom of the menu. To return the User list to its full view, select [Clear Filter].

User Access

About the User Access Code

[User Access/Business Unit]^ Codes are assigned in BALANCEtrak to restrict access to information by organizational unit.

^An organization-specific label will appear in place of the brackets shown here (e.g., Division, Location).

For each user, the Administrator can view and assign the appropriate level of access, relying on a set of organization-specific values, that may include letters, numbers, and/or abbreviations (e.g., "Oil & Energy" for a division; "FW-76101" for one of the Forth-Worth locations).

Assign/Remove Access Codes by User

From the BALANCEtrak User list, maximize the User record by clicking on the [Expand] icon to the right.

Then, check off one more business units, or Select All. Click [Add Access], and review the Current [Business Unit] Code Access in the right-hand column, before minimizing the record.

Quick Tip: If your organization has numerous units, use the provided Filter by/Keyword tools to reduce the display of access options.

A [Business Unit] may be removed from the Current column for the user, or you may [Remove All Access].

Import User Access to Append the User List

To import user access information, you must have a Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, or text file, containing columns for user Email (address) and your organization’s [Business Unit] Code.

Instructions for Excel users — From the upper toolbar, click [Import User Access].

  1. Select the: File Type; then [Browse] for the file on your computer or network. Click [Next].
  2. For an Excel workbook, select the Sheet Name. Under Match Fields, the system will attempt to match the fields in the incoming file to system Fields: Email and [Business Unit] Code. If these fields are not matched, select the appropriate drop-down entries for: Your Fields. Then, click [Next].
  3. On the Import menu. select: Append. Finally, click [Import Data].