BALANCEtrak (User) Account Settings


  • Set Preferences for Automatic Notifications
  • Change the Default Page Displays
  • Change the Default Time Zone


Customize Settings by User Account

Select the Account button from the software header, which will open: Manage Account Settings. To begin, make sure the BALANCEtrak tab is active. If any changes are made to the settings, as described below, click [Save] to apply them.

Set Preferences for Automatic Notifications

On the BALANCEtrak tab / Notifications menu, check off the appropriate settings to individualize the receipt of system notifications:

  • A requisition is closing. (Sent at 7:00 am Eastern Time.)
  • Someone applies for a job. If this option is checked, choose one of the following:
    • On the day the job seeker applies at 10:00 pm at Eastern Time.
    • Immediately after the job seeker applies.
    • Quick Tip: Consider how many job applications your organization receives. For a small organization (or a recruiter who must address every application), notification by Job Seeker event may be appropriate. For a large organization, a daily message at 10:00 pm ET, listing all new Job Seekers, may be preferable.

  • Someone completes a Background Check form.
  • Notify me during each step of the approval process when I am a participating user.

Change the Default Screen Displays

Navigate to the Manage Job Seekers menu, which controls the default view of the Job Seekers page. The Job Seekers list can be displayed by:

  • All
  • Recent
  • Not Assigned
  • Internal
  • Flagged

Navigate to the Manage Requisitions menu to set the default view of the Requisitions page. The default view is based on Requisitions Status, depending on your BALANCEtrak Implementation. Some typical Status options include:

  • Pending
  • Accepting Applications
  • Awaiting Approval
  • Closed (Position Filled)
  • Closed (Position not Filled)
  • Hiring Manager Review

Change the Default Time Zone

To change the U.S. Time Zone used by the system, choose another from the provided drop-down at the bottom of the page (e.g., Central, Pacific). You may also check or uncheck whether the system relies on daylight savings time.

Quick Tip: Make sure the proper Time Zone is in place, so Calendar events and related notifications will be time-stamped appropriately.