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Review Organization-specific Settings

Accessed from the page header, the System Tools > Client Settings module is comprised of tabs that control how BALANCEtrak elements display to users. This article, which is organized by tab and sub-tab, will help you understand some of the available settings.

Alert: Because Client Settings are critical to software operation, they were determined during the initial Implementation. These functions may not be available to you, or the settings may be locked,^ based on system permissions. If you have questions or would like changes made, contact your system Administrator or Berkshire’s Product Support, as appropriate for your role and organization.

^The following alert will display at the bottom of the page: This page is read-only. You will not be able to save any changes made on this screen.

Overall Settings

The Company Website menu will contain the Website address for your organization.

Under International Settings menu, a box may be checked, allowing applicant forms to accept international formats for telephone number and postal information.


The second Client Settings tab from the left is used to manage how Forms are displayed to the applicant.


The Forms > Settings sub-tab largely controls parameters for how an applicant interacts with the Career page when logging in to apply for a job opening.

  • Login Type — A selection will display for Job Seeker Login Type, either:
    • Email Address
    • Name and Phone Number

  • Login Instructions — The Login Instructions menu houses the message that Job Seekers will see on the Login page.

  • EEO Statement — This field houses the required regulatory language on equal employment opportunity that will appear on the Job Posting, Job Description, and Login pages. The default setting is to show the EEO Statement. (The default text also includes a link to the EEO poster, plus pay transparency language for Federal contractors.)

  • Contact Message — The message entered here displays when a Job Seeker fails in attempts to log in and answer the Security Question. The message can include contact information for resetting the password, or it may notify the Job Seeker to create a new login with a different email address.

PDF Settings — The first of two settings, which can be turned on or off, controls whether to: Start every section of a form on a new page. This setting applies to PDFs for both blank Forms and those completed by Job Seekers.

The second setting determines whether to: Show instructions when reviewing a form for a job seeker.

Career Page

A Career Page sub-tab is available under the Forms tab, with the following settings:

  • Show positions where today's date falls between the requisition posting start date and posting end date.
  • Allow Job Seekers to email jobs to friends.
  • Allow job seekers to subscribe to email alerts for job postings.
  • Go to (Activate) Kiosk mode (which automatically logs the applicant out upon form completion)

An entry may be provided for: Message to Show Internal/External Job Seekers. This entry reflects the question that will be used by the system to direct internal and external applicants to different application paths.


The forms that Job Seekers will complete are presented in Sections. Accordingly, the Forms > Sections sub-tab displays the available Sections that can be included in Form Templates. A Check mark indicates which fields are for “HR Use Only”. Any entries made here will be displayed in the Section drop-down when a BALANCEtrak user adds or edits a form.

Cross-reference: For information on using Sections to build a form, see: Form Templates.

Order Sections

The Forms > Order Sections sub-tab displays the order of form sections as they will be presented to a Job Seeker during the application process.


On the Client Settings > Integrations tab, options determine which on-line career sites open Requisitions are posted to:

  • America’s Job Exchange
  • (with Indeed Apply option)
  • DC Jobs
  • Dice
  • Monster
  • (formerly
  • ZipRecruiter

In addition, the integration of Background Check and Onboarding providers can be managed from this tab.

Job Seekers

The Client Settings > Job Seekers tab shows options specific to how Job Seeker activities are treated within your BALANCEtrak Implementation.


Set Job Seeker Filter Settings — First, a box may be checked to lock the default filter setting across all Requisitions. Then, based on applicant screening processes, the default option for the level of display will be set to one of the following:

  • All
  • Only those who have completed one form (typically a Prescreener)
  • Only those who completed an Application

Define Applicant Stage (and Disposition) — The Applicant Stage menu (at the bottom of the Job Seekers > Settings tab) determines the data fields that users will rely on when assigning Applicant Status to Job Seekers.

  • Simple progression: Relies on a combined field for applicant stage/disposition. This method relies on one Applicant Status Reference table.

  • Two-level progression: Relies on separate fields. Two Reference tables will refer to the first-level codes for Job Seeker Stage and second-level Disposition Codes, respectively.

Alert: Once the Status progression is split in two, it cannot be undone.

Cross-reference: If the Auto Assign function is being used to trigger an Applicant Status, based on responses to a Prescreener or Application, see: Reference Tables / Order Values.

Additional Settings — Three menus in the middle of the page control:

  • City and State Fields — Auto-populate for applicant from Postal Code
  • Copy Job Seeker Answers to Questions — When copying Job Seekers to Requisitions, copy their Form answers
  • Filter Job Seekers by Requisition — Exclude closed Requisitions from the Job Seekers > Requisition drop-down menu

Checking for Duplicate Job Seekers — The last menu at the bottom of the page turns on the duplicate Job Seeker check (or turns the check off). Once turned on, options are set for the number of fields to match before a duplicate is flagged; and those fields are checked off.

If this feature is implemented, duplicate Job Seekers will be marked on the Job Seekers list.

Cross-reference: Administrator tools for reviewing and correcting the duplicates are described here: Resolve Duplicate Job Seekers.

Personal Info Fields

The Administrator can view the personal information fields that are present on Forms, using the Personal Info Fields tab. For each field, the first column displays the Original Field Name, assigned to each available field during Implementation. The second column displays the most Current Field Name. Upon request, Berkshire’s Product Support can update the current names.