BALANCEtrak Overview and Navigation

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Introduction to BALANCEtrak

From posting a job opening (on a branded Website page and major career sites) to ultimately hiring the most-qualified candidate, BALANCEtrak supports the recruiting process. As a software user engaged in this process, you may belong to one of the following audiences:

  • Human Resource (HR) professionals who manage or coordinate recruiting and/or hiring
  • Hiring managers or other collaborators who participate in, or make decisions about, hiring
  • Data specialists who develop compliance or voluntary reporting on HR activities


During the initial Implementation, the applicant workflow in BALANCEtrak was determined, based on a collaboration between your organization and Berkshire's Product Support team. Typically, your organization will have a designated Administrator. At that time, permissions for your access to, and work in, BALANCEtrak functions will have been determined.


In organizing both job openings and applicant information, the software relies on two modules, accordingly:

  • Requisitions (Job openings, or postings)
  • Job Seekers (Applicants, or job candidates)

In support of the above efforts, Reports can be run to track statistics.

If you are an Administrator, Administrative Settings and System Tools allow you to review or update components in the BALANCEtrak workflow.

Side Navigation Menu

Available from the left side on every page, the side navigation menu offers easy access to the BALANCEtrak task areas, which have been introduced in this article.

Data Search

Modules for Home, Requisitions, and Job Seekers display a global [Search] tool in the page header. Enter a complete search-term to return the best results. Multiple results will be organized in the categories of Job Seekers and Requisitions, as applicable.

Quick Tip: Quickly locate a Job Seeker by full name, or type in a Requisition Number to access a job posting record.

Click the [Clear Search] icon to restore the full display. A module-specific Search is also available within Administrative Settings.