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  • Sort the Plans List
  • Access a Plan's Results

Use the Plans List to View Plan Results

As a repository for the completed Narratives and Reports from your organization’s Affirmative Action plans, SHARE serves as a channel for viewing this information and disseminating it to other BALANCEhub users.

On the Plans tab — the first left-hand choice on tab headerAll Plans will display by default. However, using the subordinate tab header, plans may be displayed by [Year].

The following filters for plan type may also be applied, by checking boxes in the tab header, at the far right:

  • Annual Plans
  • Update Plans
  • Master Plans
  • Sub Plans
  • Regular Plans

All boxes are checked by default.

The Plans list is organized by the following columns:

  • Plan Name (Typically indicates the plan date and whether an Annual or Update plan)
  • Company
  • Establishment (Reflects the location, functional unit, or subsidiary)
  • Plan Date (The effective date of the plan)

Note: The information displayed in SHARE will reflect the permissions assigned by your organization's software Administrator.

Access to Plans/Records Retention

Prior completed plans will be retained on-line in BALANCEhub for BALANCEaap software purchasers, according to Archive Setting. Software purchasers and Berkshire's service clients may contact their Berkshire representatives for more information about records retention.

Sort the Plans List

By default, items on the Plans tab are sorted in alphabetical order by Plan Name, but the display may be changed by clicking on a column header. Click once to sort by that column in ascending order, twice to sort in descending order; a third click will remove the sort by that column.

Access a Plan's Results

To view the Plan Overview, Narratives, and reports for a particular plan, click the Plan Name entry.