DASH Tabs for Administrators / Plan Owners



Information is provided below, regarding the following administrative tabs

  • Options
  • Plan Groups
  • Summaries

DASH Administrative Tools


The Options tab offers menus that determine settings for the DASH display. You may [Revert to Default] at any time.

General menu

The General Options menu controls how the Summary and/or Map objects display in DASH.

Expand each of the menus to review and edit default settings, as described below.

1.   Select the issues to display from the following types:

  • Goals and Goal Attainment — Goal Attainment; IWD Utilization Goal; Protected Veteran Hiring Benchmark [all selected by default]
  • Adverse IRA — By personnel action
  • Significant Adverse Impact — By personnel action; for All Personnel Actions [default]
  • Compensation — By Grade, Job Code, and/or Job Group
  • Other — Flag: Plans Currently Under Audit

Quick Tip: Click All to select all issues, or click None to deselect any selected issues.

2.  Select a calculation option for adverse impact:

  • Traditional Calculation — Compares females to males and minorities to non-minorities
  • Favored Group Calculation —Compares the highest selected group to the other group [default]

3.   Select a color coding option:

  • Default (Green, Red, and Gray [dots])
  • User Defined — Then select the: Number of Colors to Use, and choose those colors, using the provided drop-downs.

4.  After choosing the race(s) and gender(s) to display from those provided, select one of the following options for combining those selections:

  • Show Issues by each individually selected race and selected gender categories [default]
  • Show Issues by grouping all selected races together and all selected genders together
  • Show Issues by grouping all selected races and genders together

Summary (Options) menu

Select a filter option:

  • Show all (Default)
  • Show only [Color]^ options

^The number of radio-button options displayed here will be based on how many and what colors were chosen on the color-coding menu (described above under: General Options).

Select a plan description: Establishment Name or Plan Code.

Pie Chart (Options) menu

To disable the detailed bar graph view, check the box for: Suppress Drilldown Bar Graphs.

Plan Groups

This tab is carried over from BALANCEaap for convenience.

BALANCEaap Help Cross-reference: Reporting Levels > Plan Groups


On the DASH > Reports tab, you can determine options for running or exporting reports from DASH Graphics and Data.

Plan Groups menu

If this menu is active in your installation, select to display results for:

  • All Plans
  • OR

  • Specific Plan Groups — Then choose one or more Plan Groups from the provided menu.

Sections menu

In the Sections menu, choose which of the View-tab Exhibits to include in a report:

  • Exhibit 1 — Pie Charts
  • Exhibit 2 — Summary
  • Exhibit 3 — Map / Metrics
  • Exhibit 4 — Scorecard

Settings menu

Choose how you would like the graph information to be displayed:

  • Graph and Data
  • Graph Only
  • Data Only

The default selection is: Graph and Data.

Output menu

Under View report as, select either:

  • Preview
  • OR

  • Export

Under Export report as, choose to save the report in a:

  • Single (consolidated) File
  • OR

  • Separate Files (contained in one ZIP file for download)

Click [Run Report].


Choose settings to export DASH summary data to Excel spreadsheets.

Select an export file type:

  • Excel 2007
  • OR

  • Excel 97-2003

Select one or more topics to run:

  • Utilization
  • Adverse Impact
  • Goal Attainment

Click the [Export] button. You will be prompted to open or save the file. If multiple topics were selected, the Excel file will include a separate sheet for each one.

Quick Tip: When this process will take some time to run, the system displays a processing alert. You may select: [Run in Background] to continue working in other software areas. The system will alert you when the processing is complete.