BALANCEhub Overview


  • Introduction to BALANCEhub Tabs
    • Organizations
    • DASH
    • Navigate to another Master Plan

    • SHARE
    • REACH
  • Account Setting: Assign the Default Entry Tab

Introduction to BALANCEhub Tabs

As a BALANCEhub user, you will typically belong to one of the following audiences:

  • Plan owners and Administrators, who are actively engaged in Affirmative Action plan (AAP) preparation and/or system administration, while working in BALANCEaap
  • Managers and executives, Human Resource personnel, recruiters, or colleagues, who will access the BALANCEhub portal only

Therefore, the modules, tabs, and information you see are governed by your role in the AAP process and system permissions, as granted by the plan owner/software Administrator.

For Additional Help:

  • Click the links in the article below.
  • Access Help > Documentation from the page header in each software module.

Organizations (Where installed)

For organizations with subsidiaries or units, having separate Regular or Master Plans, the user with appropriate permissions may open the Organizations tab. From the BALANCEhub landing page, choose Organizations from the tab header. To view each unit’s list of plans on SHARE (and access other modules), Select a Name from the Organizations list.

DASH (Master Plan only)

Graphical displays, representing overviews of plan information, may be viewed and exported. The portal's Administrator may determine DASH settings for each user.

Navigate to another Master Plan — On entry to DASH, the most recently completed and published Master Plan will display. To view a Master Plan for a different year, click on the Change Plan link, found in the lower status bar; and select a different plan from the provided list.


The SHARE tab serves as the repository for the results of your organization’s completed Affirmative Action plans, displaying Plans, which have been published from BALANCEaap to BALANCEhub.

BALANCEaap Cross-reference: Turn on portal access: Reports > BALANCEhub Settings.

Home (SHARE > Plans)

Click the [Home] icon in the page header to return to the Plans tab, housing the list of plans.


REACH helps Human Resource personnel document Good Faith Efforts (GFEs) for inclusion in an Affirmative Action plan.

Account Setting: Assign the Default Entry Tab

The system displays a default entry tab for all users. However, if the Administrator has provided you with access to multiple tabs, you can select the default entry screen.

Choose Account from the BALANCEhub header. From the BALANCEhub tab / Account Settings menu, select a different Default Tab from the provided Account drop-down. Then click [Save]. Click Home to return to the SHARE > Plans tab.