Census Coding

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  • About Census Coding
    • Bringing in Census Codes with the AAP Data Set
    • How Auto Census Coding is Initiated
  • View Census Code Assignments
  • (Optional) Edit a Census Code Assignment
  • Master Plan Considerations
    • If Census Code Assignments are Edited
    • (Optional) Set Census Coding by Plan Group

View and Edit Census Coding

About Census Coding

Included with balanceAAP, the U.S. Census Bureau data source (EEO Tabulation for short) captures responses from the American population about demographics and occupation, organized by occupation code. These occupation codes form the bases for determining how many people in the defined Reasonable Recruitment Area(s) have the requisite skills for jobs at your organization. Therefore, each job title/code at your organization must be matched to a census occupation code.

Links to Federal Resources:

Bringing in Census Codes with the AAP Data Set

The necessary census occupation codes may be imported with the plan's Data > Import, by including them in the Job Code Reference table.

Cross-reference: For important information on preparing the data set, see: BalanceAAP Data Requirements Guide.

How Auto Census Coding is Initiated

If census codes are not present in the data set (or some are blank), balanceAAP will perform Auto Census Coding to complete those entries when you exit the Data module.

Note: This feature also runs if you change the census datasource after plan creation. To review (or change) the current census data source, navigate to the Availability > Recruitment Areas, and click the toolbar's [Settings] button.

Once the assignments are made, either from the Job Code Reference table or through Auto Census Coding, they can be reviewed (and edited, if necessary), as described next.

View Census Code Assignments

Choose Census Coding from the Availability side navigation menu. The job code and census code matches will be displayed by Job Group. Select a group from the Job Group drop-down.

Using the radio buttons in the upper right, choose to VIEW (page) BY:

  • Census Code
  • OR

  • Job Title

If you have chosen Census Code, additional options to Show Data become available, either:

  • By Individuals
  • OR

  • By Weighted Statistics

Note: See Factor Weights to review the instructions for creating weighted statistics.

Click the [Demographics button] next to the code will display the demographic availability of minorities and women for that code.

(Optional) Edit a Census Code Assignment

In either Census Coding view, click the [Edit] button to the left of the Job Title to change the census code assignment. The Select Census Code menu will open. Choose one of three options for displaying likely matches:

  • Select from a list that may match your job title, or from the list of all codes — Click [Show All], a button at the bottom of the list, if desired.
  • Search by a job title or census code title — Type a keyword into the provided field, and click Search.
  • Select from a list of codes relevant to a defined census code group — Narrow the Census Code list by choosing a Census Code Group from the provided drop-down.

Once the menu results display, click the appropriate [Census Code] link. The change will apply, and you will be returned to the Census Coding tab.

Quick Tip: Job Title View — If you are familiar with census coding or only have a few to edit, choose to VIEW BY: Job Title. Click directly on the Census Code /Description entry to open a drop-down, containing all census codes. Type the first few numbers of the code to navigate down the list, and select the appropriate code. Click Save.

Master Plan Considerations

If Census Code Assignments are Edited

To apply a change to Census Coding consistently across sub plans, edit census code assignments in the Master Plan. Follow the instructions above to: Edit a Census Code Assignment. Changes made in the Census Code view will cascade to sub plans automatically.

Use VIEW BY: Job Title, to Control Cascading

When viewing Census Coding by Job Title, precise controls can be applied to save an updated census code assignment in the Master Plan.

Use the following method to restrict the change to the Master Plan:

  1. Display Census Coding by Job Title.
  2. Click on the Census Code/Description entry.
  3. Select a different code.
  4. Click Save.

Alternately, select Save & Cascade for step 4, and apply the edit to all sub plans.

Census codes can later be reviewed within a sub plan and edited for the location's particular needs.

(Optional) Set Census Code Assignments by Plan Group

When determining External Availability by Plan Group, consider visiting Census Coding if census code assignments will vary by Plan Group. Most organizations will keep the Census Coding consistent across all plans.

From the menu header, choose a Plan Group from the provided drop-down before proceeding to edit a current assignment. By default, the box will be checked for: Yes, cascade to my plan group.

Cross-reference: Master Plan Reporting Levels > Plan Groups