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  • Review and Edit Plan Profiles
    • Review the Existing Profile
    • Set a Different Default Profile
    • Edit a Profile
  • (Optional) Add a Custom Plan Profile


For a step-by-step guide about the initial set-up process, see:

About Profiles and Profile Management

An Administrator will use Profile Management to control whether groups of users can perform BALANCEaap functions. Some Plan Profiles will come standard with your installation; often, they will meet the needs of your organization. However, existing Plan Profiles can be edited, or custom Plan Profiles may be created. Once Plan Profiles are saved here, they can be assigned to users, via: User Management.

Review and Edit Plan Profiles

Review the Existing Profile

Begin by entering BALANCEaap.

  1. From the header, choose: System Tools > Security / Profile Management.
  2. Access the BALANCEaap tab and the Plan Profiles sub-tab. A Profile drop-down in the tab header will be preloaded with available options.
  3. Review the displayed Profile, or select a different one from the Profile drop-down.
  4. For the displayed Profile, a table shows the available software features by Program Module and Function. The Access Level that is currently in place for the feature is shown in the right-hand column, either: Read/Write or None.

Example: Permissions could be set for BALANCEaap > Availability, so the user group has permission to perform functions (i.e., Read/Write) on the tabs for: External Availability and Factor Weights. At the same time, the group can be denied permission to change Advanced [Settings]. A lack of permission is listed as: None.

Set a Different Default Profile

Using the Profile Options menu at the top of the page, the displayed Profile can be set as the default by checking the box for: Default Profile. The default is applied when a new user is added.

Note: Only one Profile can be the default.

Edit a Profile

Click the toolbar's [Edit] button, and a Profile Functions menu will open, changing the current settings to drop-downs. Select or retain one of the following entries for each Function:

  • Read/Write
  • None

Click [Save] to apply any new settings to the Profile.

(Optional) Add a Custom Plan Profile

From the Profile toolbar, select the [Add] button. Enter a Profile Name. Check off whether this profile will be the default when a new user is added.

Note: Review all existing Profiles to determine which one should be the default.

To define the Profile, follow the instructions above to: Edit a Profile. When saved, the Profile is added to the toolbar drop-down and may be selected in the future for reviewing and editing.