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  • Add a Custom Auto Census Coding Rule
  • Edit a Rule
  • Delete a Rule


Supplement the Default Auto Census Coding Rules

An Administrator may review the system’s rules for applying census codes by accessing: BALANCEaap > System Tools > Availability / Auto Census Coding Rules. On entry, a list of current Auto Census Coding rules appears, organized by Priority, with additional columns for Rule and Census Code.

While the default Rules are comprehensive, custom rules may be added to reflect the job terms, abbreviations, or titles used by your organization.

Note: If two census data sources are available, based on plan year, tabs will display for both sources. Locate the appropriate tab.

Add a Custom Auto Census Coding Rule

On the EEO menu, choose both EEO Schedule and EEO Code from the drop-downs. Then, click [Add] to display an edit screen:

  1. Select a Census Code from the upper drop-down, and enter a numerical Priority (e.g., 100 high, 900 low), or leave the default entry of 500.
  2. Proceed to the Clauses menu, and click [Add] there.
  3. Enter a Clause, separating the words by commas. (The comma will be replaced by “OR”.) If the clause is meant to exclude the terms, check the box for: Does Not Include. If the terms are to be included, leave the box blank.
  4. Match an EEO Category to the selected Census Code.
  5. Click [Save].

Quick Tip: Review the current Auto Census Coding Rules to see how Clauses are composed.

The Rule will be added to the system, with Edit and Delete links available. If these links are not present, the Rule is a system default and may not be edited or deleted.

Edit a Custom Rule

Locate the Rule; rules are ordered by Priority. Then click the corresponding edit link. Make changes in the Add a Clause menu, and click [Save].

Delete a Custom Rule

Locate the Rule. Choose the corresponding Delete link.