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  • External Availability Source
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Review Plan Settings for Availability Calculations

Under Plan Settings, the second tab shows options that control how balanceAAP calculates Availability.

External Availability Source

On the Availability Calculation Settings tab, the External Availability Source menu will be preset to the one of the following two sources, as selected under Create Plan:

  • EEO 2006-2010 ACS Tabulation Data and 2010 Occupation Codes (Legacy data source)
  • EEO 2014-2018 ACS Tabulation Data and 2018 Occupation Codes (Data used with all newly created plans)

Legacy Function

If you update the census data source from an older to a newer version, the data will be updated using the Crosswalk and/or the Auto Census Coding.

  • Crosswalk — The system will rely on the U.S. Census Bureau Crosswalk.
  • Auto Census Coding — The system will replace the census codes on the stored Job Code table with census codes from the selected census data source, using key words in the job title and the EEO category.

Note: The assigned census codes and Recruitment Areas may be edited later. See: Recruitment Areas and Census Coding, respectively.

Statistics Settings

As mentioned under Plan Settings, the system relies on Standard Deviation for statistical calculations involving Job Groups with adequate numbers records. By default, Job Groups containing less than 30 records will use the Exact Binomial test.

The Approaching Significance Threshold and Significance Threshold are set for Standard Deviation and Exact Binomial to provide warnings when underutilization for a group is nearing or meets the significance point, respectively. The INCUMBENCY VS. AVAILABILITY report will indicate these results.

These values should not be changed unless advised by a statistician or attorney. To make changes to any of these values, enter the desired value into the field, and click [Save] at the bottom of the page.

Promotion Percentage Options

When calculating Factor Weights — the final prong in determining AvailabilitybalanceAAP will recommend a Promotion Percentage, representing the relationship between internal and external entrants into a Job Group. By default, this figure is derived from Promotion and New Hire data.

A plan setting allows Transfer data to be considered in this calculation. Check the box for: Use both promotions and transfers when calculating new entrants into Job Groups.

Cross-reference: Factor Weights / Apply Promotion Percentage.