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  • Integrating BalanceAAP with REACH
  • Perform REACH Assignment in the AAP
    • Assign Location Codes by Plan
    • Import Locations (recommended for a Master Plan)

Set up the Connection between BalanceAAP and REACH

Integrating REACH Data into an Affirmative Action Plan

REACH is a companion database application that serves as a repository for information on Good Faith Efforts (GFE).

If you store GFE data in REACH, this information can be automatically pulled into balanceAAP for inclusion in your organization’s Regular Plan or Master Plan. The following steps support the integration:

  1. Map REACH Location Codes to the AAP structure by opening the target plan, and accessing: Settings > REACH Assignment. (Instructions for this step are included in this article below.)
  2. Activate the integration with the plan, using Narrative Settings, so that GFE information is merged into the Narrative text.

REACH Cross-reference: Administrators and plan owners may learn about determining Location Codes at: REACH Menus for Administrators.

Perform REACH Assignment in the AAP

Assign Locations by Plan

Because REACH collects GFE data at the location or establishment level, locations must be mapped to the plan structure.

Note: Your System Administrator may have applied a custom label for the term “Location”. If so, when working in REACH Assignment, this custom label (e.g., Facility) will appear in the associated column header and balanceAAP field name in place of “Location”.

After navigating to REACH Assignment, review the provided Location Code list. Then, check off those locations to be associated with the plan. Click [Save].

(Master Plan only) From the Plan drop-down, choose each plan; and save selections for each plan in the set. The Location Code list menu for a particular sub plan can also be accessed from within the sub plan.

Import Locations (recommended for a Master Plan)

To import the connections between Plan Codes and the REACH Location Codes, click the [Import] button (located in the lower toolbar).

 Choose the Import Source:

  • External File — Then click [Next]. Follow the guided prompts to choose the File Type, [Browse] for and Upload the file, and perform field matching.

(Note: The file must include fields for Plan Code and Location Codes that tie the two fields together.)


  • Existing balanceAAP plan — And choose the Company, Establishment, and Plan.

Click [Next].

 Choose the Import Options:

  • Overwrite (Replace current list)
  • OR

  • Append (Add to current list)

Select the [Import] button.

A Results message will display when the process is complete. If the Import Source is an External File, check off whether to: Keep my files for later use. The file name will display under the Upload menu, on the Currently Uploaded Files list.