Master Plan Reporting Levels > Rollups and Plan Groups (Optional)

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  • Use Rollups for Analysis Across Plans
    • Add a Rollup
    • Import Rollups from an Existing Master Plan
    • Other Rollup Tools
  • Use Plan Groups to Support Master Plan Elements
    • Add Plan Groups
    • Import Plan Groups
    • Other Plan Group Tools


Use Rollups for Analysis across Plans

(Optional) While settings for Reporting Levels > Rollups and Plan Groups are not required to complete an AAP, they allow you to customize reporting across sub plans for executive- or management-specific needs.

What is a Rollup?

In a Master Plan, a Rollup represents a level of analysis above the sub plan, or beyond the regulatory framework of a single plan. These larger units form the basis for assembling plan results into the “big picture” across plans. Up to five Rollups can be defined and placed in hierarchical order.

Example: Results for a retail chain, with subsidiaries, are represented at the sub-plan level by Store; at the next levels by State and Region, and then by Subsidiary. Finally, the Subsidiary level rolls up into the full Master Plan.

You may create a Rollup that ties to a data field, as described below. By accessing Reports > AAP Reports > Filter, the Rollup unit can be used to organize plan Reports.

Add a Rollup

Create a Rollup prior to Data Import

Before performing Data > Import, access the Rollups tab. Click the [Add] button. The Create Rollups menu will appear; enter the Rollup Name. Using the provided radio buttons, select: Create New Rollup; and click [Save].

To place the Rollups list in hierarchal order, see the instructions below, under Other Rollup Tools.

Create a Rollup using an Existing Field

This method is for creating a Rollup after Data Import. From the Rollups tab, click the [Add] button.

Enter the Rollup Name. Using the radio buttons, select: Use Existing Field; then make a selection from the drop-down’s list of existing User Fields. Click [Save] to add the item to the Rollup list.

If desired, place the list in hierarchal order, as described below.

Import Rollups from an Existing Master Plan

From the Rollups tab:

  1. Select the [Import] button.
  2. The Import Source menu displays. From the provided drop-downs, choose an existing Master Plan (containing Rollups) by Company, Establishment, and Plan. Click [Next].
  3. A confirmation messages states: All Rollups will be overwritten. Click [Import Rollups].
  4. A Results message appears, documenting the transaction. Choose: Go to Plan Home, or Go to Rollups and view the updated page.

Other Rollup Tools

Place Rollups in Hierarchal Order — The Rollups list can be placed in hierarchical order, beginning with the highest level of desired analysis. Use the Top/Up/Down/Bottom arrows next to each Rollup to move it to a new location. Once the order is correct, click [Save].

Edit a Rollup — Click [Edit] icon next to the Rollup Name to make changes in an edit window.

Delete a Rollup — To remove a Rollup from the list, click the [Delete] icon, and confirm deletion.

Use Plan Groups to support Master Plan Elements

About Plan Groups

By creating optional Reporting Levels > Plan Groups, you can:

  • Develop high-level AAP metrics for executive communication by filtering Affirmative Action results on the balanceAAP > Dashboard. Options include:
    • Showing or hiding a Plan Group for Dashboard objects
    • Limiting the provided Summary table to establishments in a designated Plan Group
  • Calculate Availability by Plan Group, including:

Cross-reference: To learn about Dashboard filters, see Dashboard > View.

Add Plan Groups

Add the First Plan Group

Using the right-hand column, enter a Plan Group Name in the provided field, and check off each sub plan to include in the group.

Then click the [Save] button. The Plan Groups list displays in the left-hand column.

Create Additional Plan Groups

Click the [Add] button and proceed to naming and identifying the group, as described above.

Import Plan Groups

The following types of Plan Group data may be imported:

  • An external file, containing data entries for Plan Code and Group Name
  • Existing Plan Groups from another balanceAAP plan

Click the [Import] button, select the Source (External File or balanceAAP plan), and follow provided prompts.

Choose whether to: Overwrite (replace) or Append (add to) current groups; and click [Import Plan Groups].

Other Plan Group Tools

Sort Plan list within the Plan Group — When working with a long list of plans, select one of two options while creating or editing the Plan Group:

  • Sort by establishment
  • Sort by plan code

Edit a Plan Group — Select a Plan Group bar from the left-hand column. Update the check boxes in the right-hand column. Click [Save].

Delete a Plan Group — To remove a group from the Plan Group list, select it from the left-hand column; then click the [Delete] button.