Universal Table Controls for Editing Data

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The following functions will be available as appropriate for Data table content.

Edit a Record

Click the [Edit] button next to a record to activate the row. Make all changes can be made directly in the table cell(s). Click the [Save] icon to save the updates.

Add a Record

Click the Add New link, located at the bottom of the table. Enter the new Data table records into the newly created row. Click the [Save] icon.

Delete a Record

Click the [Delete] button next to the record to be deleted. A confirmation box will appear. Click [OK] to complete the deletion; or click [Cancel] to return to the table view without deleting the record.

Customize the Fields Viewed

You can choose which fields to display or hide on each table's screen view.

Click [Custom View]. An edit window will appear, displaying all available fields for the current table. Check off the fields you wish to display, and click [Save]. You can check all or uncheck all fields by clicking Select All OR Unselect All. Clicking Reset will restore and save the default selections for that table.

Navigate through Table Records

Many tables will contain more records than can easily display on one screen. In these cases, the records will be sorted by pages.

The number of records displayed per page can be selected from the Records per page drop-down list. Please note that the more records displayed per page, the longer it will take the page to load.

You can move through the pages sequentially by clicking the arrow buttons, or jump to a specific page by clicking the page number. Clicking the double arrow buttons will skip to the first or last page.

Sort Records

The order in which the records appear can be changed by sorting by any column. Click the column header for a column, and the records will sort in ascending order by that column.

Click the header again, and the records will sort in descending order. An arrow will appear next to the column header to indicate that sorting is being done by that column, and the arrow’s direction will indicate whether the sort is ascending or descending.


Enter specific text to search by in the Filter field. To perform an advanced search, open the Search drop-down, and check off one or more appropriate fields to scan for the information (e.g., Employee #, Last Name, Grade).

Click Search. The full record for each result will be displayed.

To clear the filter and display all records again, click [Clear].