BalanceAAP > System Tools > Custom Narratives


  • Add a Custom Section
  • Edit Content for a Custom Section
    • Display Narrative Section for Users by Default
  • Edit a Custom Section Name
  • Order Sections


Manage Narrative Sections across the balanceAAP Account

By accessing balanceAAP > System Tools > General / Custom Narratives, an Administrator may include organization-specific Sections in plan Narratives and determine the order of Narrative Sections.

Add a Custom Section

From the Custom Sections tab, choose the [Add] button from the upper toolbar.

From the Add Custom Section menu, first select the applicable Narrative:

  • Minorities/Women
  • Veterans/ Disabled (Legacy plans prior to 2014 rules)
  • IWD
  • Veterans

Next, enter a Name and click [Save].

The entry will be saved to the Section drop-down at the top of the Custom Sections tab; and the Custom Section will be available to balanceAAP users for selection under: Reports > Narratives > Templates.

Proceed to immediately developing the Custom Section, as described next.

Edit Content for a Custom Section

Select the newly created (or an existing) Section from the upper drop-down. Then select either:

  • Enter the Template Text — Use the provided text editor.
  • OR

  • Upload a file — Proceed to the Upload File menu at the bottom of the page. The file will be added to the Current File list.

Note: Word and PDF files may be uploaded, but Word files will be converted to PDF.

Quick Tip: If the Section is contained in an external document and/or you wish to provide a document that cannot be edited, choose: Upload a file. However, the user can still override that option at any time, and choose to: Enter the Template Text.

Display Section in Narrative for Users by Default

Confirm or edit the following default settings:

  • Include this section in the Narrative by default
  • Include this section in the Table of Contents by default

Edit a Custom Section Name

After selecting a Section from the upper drop-down, click the [Edit] button, which is located in the upper toolbar. Enter a new Name, and click [Save].

Delete a Custom Section

Pick a Section from the upper drop-down, and click the Delete button.

Note: A Section that is in use cannot be deleted. Review the Narratives > Templates in each plan to ensure the Section you wish to delete is not included.

Order Sections

Access the Order Sections sub-tab from the tab header.

Quick Reminder: Both system-provided and Custom Sections are displayed so they can be organized as a whole. Even if Custom Sections are not added to the system, the Administrator may reorder default Sections.

Select a Narrative from the upper ribbon:

  • Minorities/Women
  • Veterans/Disabled (plans prior to 2014)
  • IWD
  • OR

  • Veterans

A list of Reports (or Sections) will display for the chosen Narrative.

Using the [Move Up/Down] arrows to the right of each Section Name, move the Section to a new location. Use the [Move top] arrow and [Move bottom] arrow to quickly place the Section at the top or bottom of the list, respectively.

When the order is satisfactory, click [Save].

Quick Tip: Navigate to Reports > Narratives > Templates, and view how the Section drop-down displays. For Help with Templates, see: Narratives >Templates.