System Tools / BALANCEhub Publish Groups



Review and Edit Publish Groups

Comprised of BALANCEhub users, Publish Groups control what plan results your AAP audiences will be able to see. Some Publish Groups will come with your organization's installation, stored in BALANCEhub > System Tools. Any existing groups may be edited, or custom groups may be defined by an Administrator or a plan owner.

Add a Custom Publish Group

To add a Publish Group to the drop-down, click [Add]. Using the Add Publish Group menu, provide a Name for the group, and click [Save], which returns you to the main page.

Example: Some typical Publish Groups may have names such as All Reports, Main Reports, HR Personnel, and VP Group.

Publish Group Options

Next, check to box for one or both of the following options:

  • Set the group as the: Default Publish Group
  • Note: The Default Publish Group will be applied when a new BALANCEhub user is added. Only one group may be chosen as the default.

  • Allow: Salary Access

Publish Groups Reports Menu

Check off the reports that will be made available to the defined BALANCEhub Publish Group. The reports are in order of the Report Group name.

Use Publish Group List Tools

Edit an Existing Publish Group

You can edit the default groups, as well as any groups you created. Select the group from the Publish Group drop-down list. Select the reports to include in the group by checking off the box next to the desired reports. Click Save to save your changes.

Edit the Report Group Name

A Publish Group Name (displayed in the upper drop-down) can be changed by clicking the adjacent [Edit]button. Update the Name entry, and click [Save].

Delete a Publish Group

Make a selection from the Publish Group drop-down, and click [Delete]. Click [OK] to confirm the deletion.

Note: A Publish Group that is In Use cannot be deleted.