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  • What is Needed prior to Sending the Email Message
  • Select (Mail) Format
  • Options for the "From" Field
  • Message Content


Create the Email Message for Sharing AAP Results

Users may be notified when plan results are ready to view, facilitating communication to collaborators and stakeholders who are involved in planning or implementing your organization's Affirmative Action program. Prior to sending the email notification, the Administrator may determine the Format and Content of this message, via balanceAAP's System Tools > General / Email Settings.

What is Needed prior to Sending the Email Message

Make sure the following software operations are in place:

  • Plan results have been published to the Reports (and Dashboard) portal.
  • The user viewing audience has been defined in the software.
  • AND

  • An email message has been saved to the system (as outlined below).

Cross-reference: For detailed information on publishing the plan and managing users, see: Publish Plan and User Settings

Select (Mail) Format

Email messages can be sent in one of the following formats:

  • HTML
  • (Plain) Text

By selecting HTML, the recipient of the email will receive an embedded link to the balanceAAP Login page. HTML also supports the use of logos, graphics, or other Web features in the email Content.

If you choose Text, or if the recipient-side system lacks HTML capabilities, a simple message will be sent.

Options for the “From” Field

To help minimize the number of notification emails being caught by spam filters, all emails are sent from: However, you can enter your organization's email, next to the tagline:

  • Send Email on Behalf of

This "on behalf of" email address will be inserted when a recipient clicks: Reply.

Develop Message Content

Important Note: Remove the default HTML tags and links from the Content template, if you chose Text as the Mail Format, above.

A default Content template is provided, containing two tags:

  • [User Name] — Inserts the user's first and last name as they appear in the user’s account
  • [Plan Link] — Inserts a link to the balanceAAP Login, directing to Reports

Edit the Subject Line, and proceed to creating the Body of the email. The text editor provides common word-processing tools to assist in the development and formatting of message Content.

Click [Save] when the Email Settings are satisfactory.