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  • Create a Custom Aggregate Census Code
    • Add an Aggregate Code and Apply Weight
  • Edit an Aggregate Code
  • Delete a Custom Aggregate Code
  • Restore Aggregate Code to Default


Create Aggregate Census Codes

An aggregate Census Code, which is comprised of two or more census codes, can be created, using the balanceAAP > System Tools > Availability /Aggregate Census Codes. The system comes loaded with defaults, which will be displayed on entry. In order to work with each aggregate, a Census Codes menu can be opened as a detail.

Create a Custom Aggregate Census Code

Add an Aggregate Code and Apply Weight

Click the [Add] button. Enter the Aggregate Code (name), using a combination of up to three letters and numbers (e.g., MPR). Then type in a Description.

Click [Save] to add the record to the Aggregate Census Codes list and proceed to combining Census Codes for inclusion in the record.

On the Census Codes menu, check off one or more codes to include, and click the [Save] button, which is located in the lower toolbar. This will trigger Distribute Weight fields to appear in the right-hand column for each included Census Code. Enter values in the fields. Click the [Save] button again.

Important Caution: The weight must add up to 100%. Review the total displayed at the bottom of the Census Codes menu.

Distribute Weight Evenly — Click the Distribute Weights link in the Census Codes table header. This setting is recommended when the Aggregate Code contains numerous Census Codes.

Edit an Aggregate Code

Quick Tool Tip: Click the column headers on the Aggregate Census Codes and Census Codes tables to sort the lists.

Click the [Edit] icon for the record. Once selections are changed on the Census Codes list, Distribute Weights fields will again display for modification.

Click [Save] when the entries are complete.

Delete a Custom Aggregate Code

To delete an Aggregate Code you created, click on the [Delete] icon.

Note: If an Aggregate Code record displays without this icon, it cannot be removed.

Restore an Aggregate Code to Default

For the default codes you have edited, use the [Revert] icon to restore the aggregate to the system default.