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At least one user, typically an Administrator, will be set up for your organization by Berkshire when BALANCEaap is purchased. Follow the instructions below to add new users and edit information and activation status for existing users.


  • Add User to BALANCEworks and BALANCEaap
  • Edit an Existing User
    • Deactivate an Existing User
  • Associate an Existing BALANCEworks User with a New Email Address
  • Display Inactive BALANCEworks Users


For a step-by-step guide, see:

Create and Manage BALANCEworks > BALANCEaap Users

About BALANCEworks

BALANCEworks is a suite of software, which among other software tools, includes the following tools for preparing and disseminiating Affirmative Action plans, respectively:



By adding and managing users through BALANCEworks, an Administrator can grant access for users to multiple applications at the same time, or other applications can be easily turned on for existing users in the future.

Add User to BALANCEworks and BALANCEaap

Choose System Tools from the BALANCEworks header. Then select Security / User Management from the pop-up menu. The BALANCEworks > Manage Users tab will display.

Quick Tip: You can also access System Tools from the BALANCEaap header. After selecting Security / User Management, navigate to the BALANCEworks tab.

Click the [Add] button. Enter the Email Address for each user to serve as the user’s login ID.

Caution: Only one user per email address can be added to BALANCEworks.

Enter the user’s First Name, Last Name, and Phone Number. Check off: BALANCEaap.

Click [Save].

Edit an Existing User

From the BALANCEworks tab, click the user’s Email Address entry. On the Add User menu, update the fields as appropriate. Click [Save].

Deactivate an Existing User

After entering the Add User page from the user's Email Address entry, uncheck the box for: Active. This will retain the user ID in the system.

The user can be reactivated in the future by rechecking the box for: Active.

Associate an Existing BALANCEworks User with a New Email Address

Deactivate the existing user as described directly above. Then add the user to BALANCEworks and BALANCEaap* as described at the top of this page.

Display Inactive BALANCEworks Users

From the upper toolbar, check the box to: Display Inactive Users.

Quick Tip: When Display Inactive Users is checked, an Active column will display for all user records. With this column visible, you can quickly activate/deactivate users or assign access to applications.