Factor Weight Settings

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  • Import Factor Weight and Utilization Settings from another Plan
  • Review/Edit Factor Weight Options
    • External Availability Source
    • Statistics Settings
  • Determine Best Utilization Rule
    • What is the Utilization Rule used for?
    • Change the Utilization Rule
    • Run the Best Utilization Rule Report
  • Master Plan Factor Weights

Manage Settings for Factor Weights, Utilization Rule, and Statistics

This article describes several toolbar buttons, available on the Availability > Factor Weights page. These buttons provide access to review and establish underlying settings.

Import Factor Weight and Utilization Settings from another Plan

With a Job Group selected from the upper drop-down, choose [Import] from the upper toolbar to bring in settings from another balanceAAP plan.

Check off whether to include:

  • Weights
  • Utilization

Next, select to do so for:

  • This Job Group
  • OR

  • All Job Groups

Select the Company, Establishment, and Plan from the drop-down, then click [Import].

Review/Edit Factor Weight Options

Choose [Options] from the upper toolbar to open the Availability Calculation Settings tab. If any changes are made to the menus described below, click [Save] before exiting the screen.

Quick Tip: This tab can also be accessed by choosing Plan > Plan Settings from the side navigation menu.

Cross-reference: For detailed instructions, see: Create Plan > Availability Calculation Settings.

External Availability Source

Review the selection for External Availability Source, which was made previously under Create Plan. Please note the EEO 2014-2018 ACS Tabulation Data and 2018 Occupation Codes will be selected, by default, for all plans.

Statistics Settings

The default Statistics Settings for Availability are sufficient for most Federal contractors.

Promotion Percentage Options

By default, balanceAAP will use new hires and promotions data in your plan to calculate the percentage of external hires versus internal entrants to job groups. To include transfers in this calculation, check the box for: Use both promotions and transfers when calculating new entrants into Job Groups.

Determine Best Utilization Rule

What is the Utilization Rule used for?

The Utilization Rule controls how the system will flag and set placement goals for Job Groups.

Cross-reference: A list of accepted Utilization Rules can be found here: Utilization Rules.

Change the Utilization Rule

Click the [Change Utilization Rule] button, which is located in the lower toolbar on the Factor Weights tab.

The Utilization Rule menu will be labeled in the page header with the currently selected Job Group. Review the selection under: Default Rule for This Plan. (The default selection is: Whole Person.) To change the rule, make a selection from the drop-down.

Navigate to the lower menu, entitled: Rule for This Job Group, where the default (and recommended) selection will display as: Use Default. If necessary, one of the accepted Utilization Rules may be selected from the provided drop-down.

Click [Save] to apply any changes that are made.

Run the Best Utilization Rule Report

This BEST UTILIZATION report is a "trial run" of the Incumbency vs. Availability analysis, based on each Utilization Rule. This report will help you determine which rule will produce the least amount of placement goals as a result of detected underutilization.

Click [Determine Best Utilization Rule].

Then, for a single Annual Regular plan, retain the preselected option under Analysis Options for: Current Plan.

Using the Rules Order Preference menu, check the boxes for one or more rules to be considered. Then drag the selected rules into a preferred order for display in reporting.

If you are viewing the report, select a file format, under: View as –

  • HTML
  • OR

  • PDF

Finally, choose one of the following:

  • View Report
  • Export Report — Then select either Excel, Word, OR PDF from the drop-down.

Click [Run Report].