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For information on what fields are already available by default, see:

 File Structure Details

If you are an Administrator and would like a custom user field to apply across your organization's balanceAAP account, see:

Create a Custom Field for Reference or Data Tables

What are User Fields?

To accommodate data that falls outside of the balanceAAP structure, up to five custom User Fields may be added to Data or Reference tables.

Add a Custom Field

Important Note: For best system operation, add the user field prior to Data > Import.

From the upper drop-down, select the balanceAAP table to which the field will be added, and click [Add]. Enter a name for the field, and click [Save]. This field will now appear as a column in the selected table for the particular plan or the Master/sub-plan set.

Quick Tip: Navigate to the table in Data Tables or Reference Tables and view the newly added field: Scroll the table view to the right, as necessary. If a [Custom View] is applied to the Data or Reference table, open that menu to check the options to show or hide the new column.

Edit the User Field Name

After selecting the table from the upper drop-down, click the Edit icon to the left of the user field record. Update the entry, and click [Save].

Delete a Field

Select the field, and click [Delete].

Important Caution: Deleting an existing user field will delete all current data entries in the field.

Master Plan User Fields

The function to [Add] User Fields is only available in the Master Plan; the fields added in a Master Plan will apply to all sub plans.