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Review and Update Records to Resolve Errors

Once data are imported, the Data > Errors module is a holding area for any records with missing or invalid information. When records are corrected adequately, the system automatically moves the Errors record(s) to Data Tables.

Cross-reference: The tables here are viewed and edited in the same manner as Data Tables, so refer to: Table Controls for Editing Data.

View the Error Detail and Resolve Errors by Record

The Detail tab is the default entry page for Errors, displaying records by table. To select a different table than the one displayed, selected it from the table header. The field causing an error will be highlighted in red. Once the error is resolved, the record will be highlighted in green shading.

Quick Tip: Scroll to the right if a highlighted field for the particular employee record is not visible.

Resolve an Error by Editing a Record

When a required data field has been detected by the system as blank, it will be identified on the Errors table in red. If the record is missing the required information. In the case of an invalid entry, the entry must be replaced.

Click on the [Edit] button for the employee and enter a valid job code in the Job Code column. Click the [Save] icon when the entry is complete.

View the Errors Summary and Resolve Errors Globally

Click the Errors > Summary tab.

The Summary view will display a list of records with Errors arising from missing or invalid Reference code, sorted by the Error Type. Choose a different Error Type from the drop-down in the table header. The left-hand column will include all faulty Reference code entries. Click on the entry to display a summary of records having the faulty code, organized by Data table.

The Error Type can then be resolved in all instances, as applicable.

From the Summary tab, select one of the displayed options to resolve the identified Errors. The menu content is dependent on Error Type. Some typical options include:

  • Add this missing code to the [xxxx] table. — Will add the missing code you enter into a Reference table.
  • Replace this code with an existing [xxxx] code. — Will replace an invalid Reference code with a valid, existing code that you choose.
  • Remove all records using this code. — Apply with care; data removal should typically be limited to those records not belonging to the plan.

After selecting an option, click [Submit], and following the guided menus.