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  • About the VETS-4212 Report
  • Prepare the Roster, New Hires, and Termination Data Tables
  • Perform Verification (Recommended)
    • View (Errors) Summary Report
  • Finalize and Export Report
    • Report Settings: Calculate Minimum/Maximum Number of Employees
    • Preview Report
    • Export Report for Internal Use
    • Export Report for DOL/VETS Submission
  • Tools for Multiple VETS-4212 Reports

Important Note: While EEO-1 Report and VETS-4212 Report modules share similar functions, each is tailored to some specific requirements for the type of reporting.

Create the VETS-4212 Report for your Organization

About the VETS-4212 Report

Organizations with Federal contracts meeting a certain dollar value must complete the VETS-4212 form, documenting the representation of Veterans within the workforce, and submit this form to the Veterans' Employment and Training Service. With balanceAAP's VETS-4212 module, you can prepare the necessary reporting. Contractors with multiple establishments will also fall under requirements for the number and type of forms to be submitted; balanceAAP's Master Plan format can support these requirements. (See the accompanying article, linked above.)

The prior version of the form, VETS-100A, will appear for plans, completed prior to January 2015.

Cross-reference: For the Federal instructions and regulatory information, consult: Links to Federal Resources / VETS-4212 Reporting.

Prepare the Roster, New Hire, and Termination Data Tables

To complete the VETS-4212 report, a Roster snapshot, including Veteran information, must be taken during the required survey period, which typically spans from August 1 to September 30 of each year. If your organization's AAP's Plan Date does not fall within this period, create a separate plan for the VETS reporting.

New hire and termination records should reflect the 12 months preceding the Roster snapshot date. If date information is available on the New Hires and Termination tables, the minimum or maximum number of employees staffed during the analysis year can be calculated by the system. (This setting, described below, is available on the VETS-4212 > Report / Report Settings menu.)

Quick Tip: Prepare EEO-1 and VETS reporting, using the same Plan Date and data set. You can also use the same Plan Date for EEO/VETS and the annual AAP to maximize time savings.

Cross-references: For more information on the associated Data processes, see:

Develop Report Information

The Report Information tab contains the Analysis Information menu and the Establishment Information table.

The Establishment Information table is organized by Establishment Code and describes each establishment. The VETS-4212 report for an organization with one location will, accordingly, have one Establishment. To view hidden fields for a record, click the [Plus sign] on the right.

Also available from the tab header are tabs for Verification and Report.

Enter Analyses Information

Enter Analysis Information for inclusion in the VETS-4212 report's header and footer. This information will be used by the Agency to identify the reporting organization and its contacts. To assist with the creation of the VETS-4212 report, the Analysis Information can be imported directly into the plan. Using [Export Analysis Info], an excel file template can be modified to include the needed analysis information. The file can then be selected and uploaded by using [Upload Workbook] and once the file is confirmed, imported into balanceAAP through the [Import Analysis Info] option.

Enter Establishment Information

First, using the drop-down under Establishment, choose or retain the default selection of: None. A blank Establishment table record will display.

Note: Changing the selection to or from None will cause current Establishment Information to be deleted.

Click the [Edit] button. Provide information for the following:

  • Type of Organization (P - Prime Contractor; S - Subcontractor; B - Both)
  • Type of Form ( S – Single Establishment)
  • HL Name
  • HL Street
  • HL County
  • NAICS, DUNS, and/or EIN Numbers
  • Min/Max Values (To have the system calculate these values, see, below: Report Settings: Calculate Minimum/Maximum Number of Employee.)

Click [Save].

Quick Search Tip: To search the list of Establishments, enter an term in the Search field. Then hit ENTER on the keyboard to perform the Search. Use the ESCAPE (ESC) key to clear the Search results.

Perform Verification (Recommended)

Quick Reminder: If your organization has multiple locations, please read the following instructions: Master Plan VETS-4212 Considerations prior to performing Verification.

The Verification tab allows you to initiate a scan on VETS-4212 data prior to submission. A Notifications panel at the top of the page will indicate the last date the scan was run, if any, and summarize the results. Click [Verify] to run the check.

Any detected errors in the VETS-4212 report will be displayed on the Verification errors table. To display errors by type, make a selection from the Error Type drop-down, located in the table header. Use the Fix These Records link, also in the table header. Select one of the provided solutions, and choose [Submit].

If errors remain in the Verifications table, return to the Report Information tab, and make any necessary changes, using the record-level [Edit] icon.

View (Errors) Summary Report

Chose the [View Summary] button, which is located in the lower toolbar. The Summary Report will list VETS-4212 > Verification errors by: Error Description, Field, Incorrect Value.

Finalize and Export Report

Navigate to the VETS-4212 > Reports tab, and follow the appropriate instructions below.

Report Settings: Calculate Minimum/Maximum Number of Employees

Under the Report Settings, check off whether to have the system calculate the Min/Max values, representing the highest and lowest number of employees staffed in the previous 12 months.

Preview Report

From Report Viewing options, select: Preview. Then select to View Reports in:

  • HTML
  • OR

  • PDF

Then click [Run Report] to open the VETS-4212 report in a new window.

Export Report for Internal Use

From Report Viewing options, select: Report Export. Then: Select a File Type for Reports:

  • PDF
  • Word
  • Excel
  • Rich Text

Click [Run Report]. You will be prompted to download and save the file.

Export Report for DOL/VETS Submission

From Report Viewing options, select: File Export.

Click [Run Report]. The exported file will be formatted according to the VETS technical requirements for electronic submission. You will be prompted to download the Zip file.