• About the EEO-1 Report
  • Prepare the Roster Data Table
  • Develop Report Information
    • Enter Analysis Information
    • View and Enter Establishment Information
  • Perform Verification (Recommended)
    • View (Errors) Summary Report
  • Preview and Finalize EEO-1 Report
    • Preview Report
    • Export Report for Internal use
    • Export File for EEOC Submission
  • Tools for Multiple EEO-1 Reports

Important Note: While EEO-1 and VETS-4212 modules share similar functions, each is tailored to some specific requirements for the type of reporting.

Create the EEO-1 Report for Your Organization

About the EEO-1 Report

Federal contractors, meeting certain descriptions, are required to submit reporting on employee demographics to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). With the Reports > EEO-1 module, you can prepare the necessary reporting. While employee information and demographics can be extracted from balanceAAP Data, additional information will be compiled in this module to identify your organization, in conformance with the reporting requirements.

As a covered employer, your organization may have a single location or it may have multiple establishments. Below is an introduction to EEO-1 tools, with additional information, regarding preparing reports for multiple locations, available at: Tools for Multiple EEO-1 Reports.

Cross-references: For more on the Federal requirements, see: / EEO-1 Survey / EEO-1 instructions

Prepare the Roster Data Table

The first step is to build a new plan (or use a current plan) with a Plan Date that falls within the required survey period, typically July 1 – August 31 each year.

Accordingly, a Roster snapshot, corresponding to the chosen Plan Date, must be imported (or available in the current plan). Fields for Race, Gender, and EEO Job Group, along with supporting Reference Tables, will be used to develop the EEO-1 report.

Quick Tip: If you are creating a new plan (e.g., August 1 Plan Date, and a prior balanceAAP plan exists (e.g., January 1 date), Reference Tables may be brought in from that plan to support development of the EEO-1 report.


Develop Report Information

On the Report Information tab are the Analysis Information menu and the Establishment Information table. Also available from the tab header are tabs for Verification and Report.

Enter Analysis Information

Enter Analysis Information for inclusion in the EEO-1 report's header and footer. This information will be used by the Agency to identify the reporting organization and its contacts.

Click [Save].

View and Enter Establishment Information

First, using the drop-down under Establishment, retain the default selection of: None.

Once created, the Establishment Information table will be organized by Establishment Code and describe the establishment, using EEO-1-required fields, including, but not limited to:

  • Report Type (drop-down)
  • Unit Number
  • Unit Name
  • Filed Last Year?
  • NAICS Code

An EEO-1 report for an organization with one location will, accordingly, have one Establishment.

Page Controls for Establishment Information
The Establishment Information menu provides the following tools:

  • Display Hidden Columns — Only the first few menu columns display by default. To view hidden fields for a record, some of which are critical for the EEO-1 report accuracy, click the expand button, [Plus sign], on the right.
  • Edit Establishment Information — To edit or append Establishment Information, click [Edit], and update the displayed fields. Click [Save].

Perform Verification (Recommended)

The Verification tab allows you to initiate a scan on EEO-1 data prior to submission. A Notifications panel at the top of the page will indicate the last date the scan was run, if any, and summarize the results. Click [Verify] to run the check.

Any detected errors in the EEO-1 report will be displayed on the Verification errors table. To display errors by type, make a selection from the Error Type drop-down, located in the table header. Use the Fix These Records link, also in the table header. Select one of the provided solutions, and choose [Submit].

If errors remain in the table, return to the Report Information tab, and make any necessary changes, using the record-level [Edit] icon.

View (Errors) Summary Report

Chose the [View Summary] button, which is located in the lower toolbar. The Summary Report will list EEO-1 > Verification errors by: Error Description, Field, Incorrect Value.

Preview and Finalize EEO-1 Report

Navigate to the Reports tab, and follow the instructions below.

First, review Report Settings for this option: Mark reports with less than 50 employees as Status Code 8 Reports.

Preview Report

From Report Viewing options, select: Preview. Then select to View Reports in:

  • HTML
  • OR

  • PDF

Then click [Run Report] to open the EEO-1 report in a new window.

Export Report for Internal Use

From Report Viewing options, select: Report Export. Then: Select a File Type for Reports:

  • PDF
  • Word
  • Excel
  • Rich Text

Click [Run Report]. You will be prompted to download and save the file.

Export File for EEOC Submission

From Report Viewing options, select: File Export.

Review Report Settings — If you did not select this option by Establishment and/or wish to have the system determine it for you:

  • Check the box for: Mark reports with less than 50 employees as Status Code 8 Reports.

Click [Run Report]. The exported file will be formatted according to the EEOC technical requirements for electronic submission. You will be prompted to download the Zip file.