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Publish Completed Plan to BALANCEhub for Distribution

Publish Plan to BALANCEhub for Viewing by Others

From BALANCEaap's side navigation menu, select Reports > BALANCEhub Settings, which will open the Publish Plan tab.

Next, let BALANCEhub "know" that AAP results are ready to be published, by checking the box for:

Yes, allow HUB access.

Then click [Save]. As described below, tabs will also be available for:

  • User Settings
  • Email Users

Deactivate/Reactivate an Existing User

You can activate and deactivate access to plan results at any time on the Publish Plan tab.

User Settings

Add Users to a Publish Group

Navigate to BALANCEaap > BALANCEhub Settings > User Settings. Choose [Add] from the lower toolbar, and enter:

  • Email
  • First Name
  • Last Name

Select a Publish Group from the provided drop-down (e.g., All Reports, Primary Reports). Click [Add].

Quick Reminder: If you are an Administrator and would like to create additional Publish Groups, see: BALANCEhub Publish Groups.

Once created, an account activation email can be sent to the user, with a link to log in to the system. The user will be able to select a password at that time. Users added here will also appear in the BALANCEaap and BALANCEworks user lists.

Email (BALANCEhub) Users

When you are ready for BALANCEhub users to view the completed reports, you can send an email with a link and login instructions.

Quick Reminder: Email content can be developed, using: System Tools > Email Settings.

Select from the following email options:

  • All Users
  • Users that have not already received an email
  • Users that have not viewed the reports — Any user that had received an email before, but has not yet logged on, will receive another email.

Click [Send Email] to transmit the message.

View User Access Report

After at least one user has been granted plan access, a report may be run to see who has or has not viewed plan results. Scroll down to the User Access Reports menu. Select one of the following parameters:

  • Viewed
  • Not Viewed
  • All

Click [View Report]. The USER ACCESS report will be organized by the selected user group(s), with each user identified by Name, Email, and if applicable, (Date) Last Accessed.

(System Administrators Only) Import Users

From an Excel File

Create an Excel file, containing a row for each user. The row must contain the Email address, First Name, Last Name, and (exact) Publish Group for each user.

Click [Import Data]. Select External Data, and click [Next]. Select the file type in the drop-down. If your file does not contain headers, uncheck the box for: First Row Headers.

After selecting the file type, click [Browse], and find the file. Click [Open], to add the file to the Import list.

Under Match Table, select the file and sheet name that contains the user list. Under Match Fields, select the column in the Excel sheet that corresponds to the system's fields. The Email Address, First Name, and Last Name fields are required. Click [Next].

A page will appear, indicating the users being imported will be added to any already in the system. Click [Import Data] to initiate the process.

From an Existing BALANCEaap Plan

After a list has been imported for one plan, you can import that list for another plan. Choose Existing Plan from the Import HUB Users page. Select the plan's Company, Establishment, and Plan from the drop-down, and click [Next]. Then click [Import Data].

Delete an Existing BALANCEhubUser

Check the box next to the user’s Email address entry, and click [Delete].

Note: The user will remain in the BALANCEaap and BALANCEworks user lists.

BALANCEhub Settings in a Master Plan

Access to view plan results can be authorized by sub plan. After clicking [Add], and entering identifying information (as described above):

Check off one or more sub plans under: Select the Plans for the User to Access.