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Publish the completed AAP to the Berkshire Client Portal

Completing an Affirmative Action plan involves all of the steps displayed in balanceAAP's side navigation menu, from the plan's Settings and Data to IWD/Veterans analyses and Narratives. When these steps are completed, the Publish Plan page allows you to publish your plan to the Berkshire Client Portal and notify new users of its availability.

Publish Plan

To start the publish plan process, first check the Publish Plan checkbox at the top of the screen and then select the second option to Publish Plan to both balanceAAP and Berkshire Client Portal and click the [Save] button to start the publish process.

The time it takes to publish a plan depends on several factors, including the amount of data within the plan. Once the publish has started, the plan's status will appear on the page. Access to the plan, within the Berkshire Client Portal, will be granted after the publish process has completed.

Note: It is important to know that after the plan has been published, it will be placed in read-only status in balanceAAP – meaning no changes can be made to the plan while the plan is published. If you need to make changes to a published plan, you must return to balanceAAP, uncheck the main Publish Plan checkbox, and click [Save].

User Settings

Before publishing a plan to the Berkshire Client Portal, you can select which balanceAAP users will or will not be given access at the time the plan is published. This will be handled through the User Settings tab. If you have previously given a user access, they will be listed on this tab. If not, individuals can be added through the [Add User] option or you can use the [Import] option to add multiple users. Finally, if you need to remove a user from the plan, it can be done by selecting their name from the list and using the [Delete] option.

After all users have been set, you must return to the Publish Plan tab and choose the option to Publish Plan to both balanceAAP and Berkshire Client Portal.

Email Users

Emailing the users from the User Settings tab, should be handled after the plan has been fully published. This notification will notify new users that their account is available for activation in the Berkshire Client Portal. After selecting the plans, under the Recipient section, select the All Users option to send email notifications about plans published to the Berkshire Client Portal.

Note: The other Recipient options are used only for when you are publishing a plan to balanceAAP and not the Berkshire Client Portal.

Finally, the emails will be sent by selecting the [Send Email] button. Your recipients will receive the email message with a link welcoming them to the Berkshire Client Portal.

Publish Plan Tutorial