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What is the Document Center?

The Document Center is a secure data transfer portal located within balanceAAP. This feature allows users, with permission, to send and receive files to and from Berkshire's Product Support or the Consulting team.

Accessing the Document Center

Users with the appropriate permission can access the Document Center from any page within balanceAAP. Selecting the icon shown below will open the Document Center. If this icon is not present, please contact your system administrator, update your System Profile in Profile Management, or contact Product Support.

Managing Uploads

From the main Document Center page, users can upload new files to send, view existing files which have been sent or received, and finally, download files that have been sent by a Berkshire representative. Files that you have sent Berkshire, will appear shaded in blue, and files sent to you, from Berkshire, will appear in white.

Uploading Files

After selecting the Upload New Files link, the file uploader window will appear. In this window, users are required to add a Subject Line and select their Consultant, from the drop-down. If needed, users may also add a note which will accompany the uploaded file. After all required fields have been added, users will upload the files through the Select Files(s) action and then select Upload. After the file(s) are uploaded, the Berkshire representative selected in the Consultant drop-down will be notified via email that the files are available.

Quick Tip: When uploading a file, please confirm the file is not password protected.

View and Download Files

If your Berkshire representative has sent you files to download, you may select each one from the main Document Center page. After locating the needed file, select the file checkbox on the left and use the Download option at the top to retrieve the file.

Document Center Tutorial