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  • Refresher: What is Start Point Analysis?
  • Create a History Plan from Start Point Analysis
    • Considerations when Assigning a new History Plan

Use Advanced History Tools to Store a History Plan

The History > Advanced task area makes it possible to save a Start Point analysis as a "History plan", assign it to the current plan, and, while doing so, manage what happens to any previously created History plans.

Like other existing AAPs, the History plan will be accessible from the Open Plan list (and from Recent Plans if you visit the History plan). While Data tables and historical information will be available in the History plan, it will not be a completely composed AAP.

Refresher: What is Start Point Analysis?

Initiated when a prior AAP is not available, Start Point analysis estimates the historical availability statistics and the placement goals by analyzing current data. That's because the current plan must rely on this historical information to generate the GOAL ATTAINMENT report (i.e., reporting on your organization's success in meeting placement goals).

However, with the Advanced tab, you can run the Start Point analysis to save its results in the system as an accessible plan.

Cross-reference: For more information see: History > Source / Without a Prior BalanceAAP Plan.

Create a History Plan from Start Point Analysis

Simply visit History > Advanced and review the check box options for:

  • Assign this new History plan as the History Source for this plan^
  • Delete any History plans previously created from this plan

^ These options are checked by default. Prior to performing this operation, please refer to: Considerations when Assigning a new History Plan, below. As an alternative, the Start Point analysis results could simply be saved, without assigning a new History plan to the current AAP.

Click the Create History button.

When the operation is completed, navigate to Plans > Open Plan. The Plan Name will be preceded by "History Plan:" to differentiate it from the current plan.

Considerations when Assigning a new History Plan

An existing Start Point analysis, as determined on the History > History Source, is not needed to perform the Advanced operation.

However, the following impacts of performing Start Point analysis and assigning a new History Plan to the current AAP will apply:

  • For those creating the first Advanced > History plan, the History linkage to a prior balanceAAP plan, if in place, will be removed.
  • Entries on the History Information tab will be overwritten with the Start Point analysis results.