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  • Overview of Plan Lists and related Tools
  • How your Organization's Plans are Organized
    • Plan-type Icons
    • Recent Plans tab
    • Open Plan tab
      • View the Open Plan List (by Year)
      • Filter the Open Plan List (by Plan Type)
  • Search and Sort Plan Lists
  • Delete Plan tab


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Work with Plan Selection Tabs and Lists

Overview of Plan Lists and related Tools

The gateway for working in balanceAAP is Plans, the software's first module. Within this software hub, Recent Plans serves as the default landing page.

In addition to displaying up to 10 of the most recently opened Affirmative Action plans (once created), the landing page also links you to the following tabs:

  • Open Plan — A comprehensive list of Affirmative Action plans, or AAPs, by year
  • Create Plan — Tools for adding a new Affirmative Action plan to the system
  • Delete Plan — The work area for removing a plan from the software

The tabs for working with the system's AAP catalogue — both those still in progress and any completed in recent years (based on Archive settings, typically three years) — are discussed in the paragraphs below.

If you would like to add a new plan to the system, please refer to: Create a New Affirmative Action Plan.

How Your Organization's Plans are Organized

Quick Tip: From within any plan, you can return to the plan lists by selecting Plans, shown as the uppermost bar in the side navigation menu.

The Plans list is organized by the following columns:

  • Plan Name (Typically indicates the plan date and whether an Annual or Update plan)
  • Company
  • Establishment (Reflects the location, functional unit, or subsidiary)
  • Plan Date (The effective date of the plan)
  • Last (Date) Opened

Plan-type Icons

Icons in the far-right column of each row identify plan type for each existing plan.

Annual Plans:

  • [R] Regular plan, single location
  • [M] Master plan, which contains data for a set of sub plans
  • [S] Sub plan, associated with an annual Master Plan

Update (interim, or mid-year) Plans:

  • Update plan, single location
  • Update Master plan
  • Update sub plan

If a plan is open, the Lock icon also displays.

Recent Plans tab

Once plans are created, the Recent Plans list displays them in order of the date Last Opened. A link to View More Plans will be available at the bottom of the list. Sub plans appear indented below the corresponding Master Plan. (Up to five sub plans will display.)

Open Plan tab

Serving as the complete repository for saved AAPs, the Open Plan tab displays, by default: All Plans.

View the Open Plan List (by Year)
Just below the tab header, years for the currently available plans will display in the list header. Click on a [Year] to reduce the Open Plan list to plans with corresponding Plan Dates.

Cross-reference: Typically, plans are retained for three years. Plan retention is controlled by a Plan Information setting.

Filter the Open Plan List (by Plan Type)
For a more limited display, click the Filter icon to display options. Then, retain or uncheck one or more of the following:

  • Annual Plans
  • Update Plans
  • Master Plans
  • Sub Plans
  • Regular Plans
  • Audited Plans
  • Unaudited Plans

All boxes are checked by default.

Search and Sort Plan Lists

Using the balanceAAP header on the Open Plan tab, search for specific plans by entering a keyword or term in the Search field; then click the Search button. To restore the full list of plans, click [Clear].

Quick Search Tip: Enter a term in the Search field. Then hit ENTER on the keyboard to perform the Search. Use the ESCAPE (ESC) key to clear the Search results.

By default, items on the Plans tab are sorted in alphabetical order by Plan Name, but the display may be changed by clicking on a column header. Click once to sort by that column in ascending order, twice to sort in descending order; a third click will remove the sort by that column.

Page navigation tools at the bottom of the page can be used if the number of records exceeds a single page display.

Delete Plan tab

Plans may only be removed by accessing the Delete Plan tab.

Delete a Plan

Check the box to the left of the plan record. Then select the [Delete] button, which is located below the list. When the confirmation message appears, select [OK].