Publish a Master Plan

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Please review the article linked above to familiarize yourself with Publish Plan tools.


  • User Settings: View By Options
  • Control User Access by Sub plan
  • Select Sub plan(s) for Emailing Users

Additional Settings for Publishing a Master Plan

Although releasing the Master plan via the Publish Plan tab is the same as for a single plan, a few additional selections are needed on the adjacent User Settings and Email Users tabs to account for the multiple sub plans.

In addition to Reporting access (by plan), organizations using the Master/sub-plan structure will have access to a Dashboard for viewing collective metrics that highlight AAP results across plans and by individual plan.

User Settings: View By Options

Before working with Publish Plan > User Settings, determine the best View By Options, in the menu at the top of the tab. These settings organize the User list in two ways:

  • By Plan — Next, determine whether to show users for All or individual Plan Codes, representing the sub plans, by making selections in the Plans drop-down menu.
  • By User — Secondly, pick an individual user from the Users drop-down menu.

These settings will help you hone in on the best way to interact with the User list, particularly if your organization has numerous users and/or locations. Existing users will be displayed, indicating:

  • The User credentials (email address)
  • The current Profile in place, governing software permissions
  • Whether each one has access to the Master plan (i.e., all plans) or one or more Plan Code(s)/Establishment(s)

Control User Access by Sub plan

When adding a new user via User Settings, access to Reporting and Dashboard can be authorized by sub plan, using Plan Code to signify the sub plan Establishment.

Begin by clicking [Add User] and completing the user's identifying information on the Add User menu. In addition:

Check off one or more sub plans under: Select the Plans for the User to Access. Click [Add] to apply the permissions.

Help Cross-reference for Administrators: To learn about editing existing user access, see: System Tools > User Management.

Select Sub plan(s) for Emailing Users

Before selecting Recipients for the email message, consider which sub plan(s) will be released. On the Email Users tab, answer the following question, by checking off one or more sub plans:

Which plans do you want to send email for?