Internal (Availability Factor 2)


  • Determine Feeder Options
    • Assign Feeders by Job Group
    • Assign Weight to Feeder Jobs
    • Allow Feeders to Feed their own Job Group
  • Develop Internal Availability Sources
    • Read Feeders from Plan Data
    • Add Feeders
    • Import Feeders from an Existing Plan or External File
  • Additional Internal Availability Tools
    • Quick Link to Availability Settings
    • Remove Downward Movement
    • Using the Feeder List Display
  • Feeders in a Master Plan


Identify Feeder Jobs to Determine Internal Availability

Along with External Availability, Internal Availability supports determining the overall Availability of qualified minority and female candidates for jobs at your organization.

In calculating Internal Availability, source Job Titles are identified as "feeders" for target Job Titles, by Job Group. Before you identify feeders, please review the applicable settings, at: Other Internal Availability Tools.

Determine Feeder Options

Assign Feeders by Job Group (instead of Job Code)

For organizations with a simple structure (i.e., all jobs in one Job Group feed another Job Group), the system can ascertain the feeder job relationship by Job Group.

  1. Select the [Feeder Options] button from the upper toolbar.
  2. From the Assign Feeders menu, click the radio button for: Job Group.
  3. Click [Save] to show the Job Groups list. Check off one (or more) of the displayed Job Groups.
  4. Click [Add].

Caution: When Feeder Options for Job Code versus Job Group are changed, any previously defined feeders will be lost.

Assign Weight to Feeder Jobs

By default, multiple jobs within a designated feeder group will count equally in the Internal Availability calculation. To enable the assignment of weight to multiple feeder jobs, follow the instructions below.

  1. Begin by clicking the [Feeder Options] button.
  2. Make sure the box is checked for: Allow weights to be assigned to feeders. Select an option for assigning weight, either by even distribution, based on number of movements, or by total employment.
  3. Click [Save] if a change to the menu is made.
  4. The list of Job Codes will appear, with Weight fields to the right. Adjust the Weight entries to reach a total of 100%.
  5. Click the Save Weights link to finish the process.

To restore equal weighting across the included jobs, click the Distribute Weights link, located on the upper right.

Allow Feeders to Feed their own Job Group

By default, the feeder relationship must occur between jobs in different Job Groups. To change this setting:

  1. Click the [Feeder Options] button.
  2. On the Feeder Options menu, check the box for: Allow feeders to feed their own job group.
  3. Choose [Save].

Develop Internal Availability Sources

Read Feeders from Plan Data

If sufficient Promotion and Transfer data exist, balanceAAP can identify feeders for you. After selecting a Job Group from the upper drop-down, click [Read] in the upper toolbar to open the Feeder Options menu. The current table being accessed to develop feeders will be listed. (Promotion data are used by default.) Click the provided link to update this setting.

Caution: If the source Data table is changed after feeders are created, those feeders will be lost.

From the following options, select the appropriate methods for applying the feeder results:

Apply to Current Job Group OR Apply to All Job Groups

Append (add to existing feeders) OR Overwrite (replace all existing feeders)

Once the selections are made, click [Apply].

Add Feeders

From the Availability > Internal Availability screen, select a target group from the Job Group drop-down. If there are any feeders already assigned to this group, they will be displayed.

Choose [Add] from the upper toolbar, and a list of potential Feeder Job Codes will display for the Current Job Group. At the top of the menu: Select a Feeder Job Group, which will be the source of feeders.

After checking one or more Job Codes, click [Add Feeders].

Notes: At least one Roster employee must be assigned to the Job Code/Title before the position can be designated as a feeder. Feeders will typically not be assigned for entry-level Job Groups.

Example: You may select feeders from different source Job Groups: Target Job Group 1B may have feeders from source Job Group 2A and 3A.

Repeat these steps for each Job Group.

Import Feeders from an Existing Plan or External File

Click [Import]. Choose one of the following:

  • From an Existing Plan — Choose Company, Establishment, and Plan from the drop-downs.
  • From an External File — Choose Excel, Access, or text File Type; upload the file; follow the guided prompts, based on file type, and choose Append (add) OR Overwrite (replace).

Click [Import Feeders].