BALANCEhub User Management


  • Overview of BALANCEhub User Management
  • Emulate a BALANCEhub User


Additional Management of Users in BALANCEhub

As described in the Related Topics (linked above), access for users to software tasks, data, and Affirmative Action plans is largely managed in BALANCEworks and BALANCEaap, respectively.

However, by working with BALANCEhub > System Tools, an Administrator or plan owner, with appropriate permissions, may view current user access information and perform BALANCEhub-only tasks. Reflecting existing user lists and access permissions, the BALANCEhub tab is divided into sub-tabs for Users and Plan Access, accordingly.

Emulate a BALANCEhub User

Select System Tools > Security / User Management from the BALANCEhub header to open the Users sub-tab. Locate the user record, and click the [View as] icon for the user. You will enter the software with the selected user's permissions. A banner at the top of the page will indicate you are in the emulation view.

To exit the emulation view, access the Click here link at the top of the BALANCEhub page.