Work with Narratives in a Master Plan



Review the articles linked above, to familiarize yourself with Narrative tools.


Use the Master Plan Framework to Develop Narratives

Template Editing and Master Plans

Narratives may be "cascaded" from a Master Plan to the associated set of sub plans to apply settings and content universally. If you are creating Narratives, relying on this framework, begin in the Master Plan. Once the global elements are in place, you can move on to customizing a particular sub plan, as necessary.

Important Caution: Pay attention to the order in which edits are made. If a Master Plan edit is cascaded to sub plans after a sub plan has been customized, the sub-plan's customization will be lost.

Apply Global Narrative Settings and Content to Sub plans

All Narratives > Settings developed or edited in the Master Plan will apply to all sub plans.

The following Narrative elements may be cascaded to sub plans by using a Master Plan menu, which will display at the bottom of the page, where applicable.

  • Content for each template (e.g., Minorities/Women, IWD)
  • Tags & Values
  • Uploaded Documents that were added through [Manage Documents]

The cascade setting will be checked by default.

Customize the Sub plan

Narrative Settings cannot be changed within the sub plan.

Content, Tags & Values, and stored Documents can be changed while working in a sub plan, for the specific needs of that plan.

Quick Reminder: If a sub plan setting (e.g., option, tag, content edit) applies to all sub plans, determine it within the Master Plan.