Availability > Advanced


  • Import Availability from an Existing Plan
  • Import Availability from/to a Master Plan


Import Availability from an Existing Plan

Access Availability > Advanced from the side navigation menu to bring in all or part of the Internal and External Availability settings from another plan. Begin by reviewing the Import menu to determine what elements to bring in. All are checked by default:

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Next, select a source plan from the provided drop-downs by Company, Establishment, and Plan.

Quick Tip: This process is applicable for Regular plans, Master plan to Regular plan, and sub plan to sub plan.

Finally, click the [Import] button.       

Import Availability from/to a Master Plan

Because this Import will impact a set of plans that may have different settings, follow the instructions above with two caveats:

  • Make sure to select a source Master Plan.
  • Before clicking the [Import] button, retain or apply the setting to: Cascade to sub plans.

Then, select [Import], and the system will display two options for applying the imported settings:

  • Apply Corresponding Sub Plan Settings (If a target Sub plan exists)
  • Apply Master Plan Settings (to all Sub plans)

Select one of the above options to initiate the Import process.

Quick Tip: To import Availability from a Regular plan to a Master plan, select the second option (because their are not source Sub plans).