Department Hierarchy (Organizational Display only)


  • View the System-created Department Hierarchy
  • Edit the Department Hierarchy
  • View Roster and Assign Supervisors
  • Build Department Hierarchy by Supervisor
  • Review Employee Demographic Statistics
  • About the Department Hierarchy in a Master Plan

Review/Build the Department Hierarchy

For plan preparers who have selected the Organizational Display as the plan's Organizational Profile, balanceAAP offers flexible tools, which are described below, for building the Reporting Structure > Department Hierarchy and displaying supervisor/employee demographics.


View the System-created Department Hierarchy

balanceAAP will attempt to create the hierarchy for you, and the results are displayed on entry to Reporting Structure > Department Hierarchy.

The most complete results will be generated If the system's Reference Tables include a Department table with entries in Reports To column.

Quick Tip: When this Department information is available, skip the Guide Me wizard. Simply access the Department Hierarchy to view the generated hierarchy.

Cross-reference: To learn about the Department table: Reference Tables / Department.

How the Department Hierarchy is Displayed

The hierarchy will appear in tree form, with one department code/name per line. Child departments reporting to other departments will appear indented below the parent department.

Department Hierarchy Tools

Expand or Collapse — Click the [Expand] button to the left of a department code/name to display the reporting departments. Expand the entire tree by clicking Expand All. To hide a department’s details, click the [Collapse] button next to an expanded department, or click Collapse All.

Search by Department or Employee — Using the Search drop-down in the header, enter part or all of the Department Code/name or an employee name in the Search field, and click Search. The department will appear highlighted in yellow. If multiple employee results are found, all relevant departments will be highlighted.

Edit the Department Hierarchy

Click the department code/name to activate the [Assign] button. Click the button; then select one of the following:

  • None
  • Department Code — Enter the first few letters to display a drop-down of likely matches; then select the appropriate match. The system will provide an alert if the selected department is a child.
  • Other — If the parent establishment or location is not available in Department Code data (above), enter its name in the Reports to field. This entry will display on the tree, next to the department code/name.

Click [Assign]. The line will display with green shading to identify the change has been applied.

View Roster and Assign Supervisors

From the Department Hierarchy tree, click on a department to access the [Assign] button. Then click the [View Roster] button to see the list of department employees.

Quick Tip: Use the Search field to locate a particular supervisor’s name.

Check the Supervisor box for each supervisor, and click [Save Supervisor] before returning to the hierarchy tree.

Build Department Hierarchy by Supervisor

The Build Department Hierarchy by Supervisor link will be available in the tree header when the Roster table is populated to identify supervisors. Click the link to perform the following functions.

Cross-reference: See: Data Tables /Assign Supervisors for the Organizational Display.

Order System Rules for Building Hierarchy by Supervisor

balanceAAP relies on the following rules when a department reports to multiple parent departments:

  • Use the department of the supervisor with the highest EEO category
  • Use the department of the supervisor with the highest salary
  • Use the department that is most common among the supervisors

While the default order is sufficient for most users, you can reorder their priority, using "drag and drop." When a single parent department cannot be determined, the parent department will remain blank, and you can enter the department code/name (as described below).

Run the Process to Build the Hierarchy

When the order of the rules is satisfactory, click [OK]. The system will build the hierarchy.

Important Caution: The existing hierarchy will be overwritten.

View Employee Demographic Statistics

From the tree header, check the box for: Show Employee Statistics. For each department, counts and demographics for employees (and supervisors, if supervisors are identified in the Roster) will display.

Example of the department demographics display:

Total 10 (5WM / 5BF) Supervisors 2 (1WM / 1BF). Typical acronyms are as follows:

BF = Black Female

BM = Black Male

WF = White Female

WM = White Male

If your organization’s supervisor information is not displayed, follow the instructions directly below.

About the Department Hierarchy in a Master Plan

The Department Hierarchy is controlled by the Master Plan, and the function is not available by sub plan.