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About BALANCEhub Plan Access

Plan access is initially established in BALANCEaap, by publishing the plan to BALANCEhub and determining User Settings. However, an Administrator or plan owner may access user-related settings from within BALANCEhub, where Plan Access menus can be accessed independently of working in the particular plan.

BALANCEaap Help Cross-reference: For more information, refer to: BALANCEhub Settings / User Settings.

View User Access Report

After at least one user has been granted plan access, a report may be run to see who has or has not viewed plan results. Scroll down to the User Access Reports menu. Select one of the following parameters:

  • Viewed
  • Not Viewed
  • All

Click [View Report]. The USER ACCESS report will be organized by the selected user group(s), with each user identified by Name, Email, and if applicable, (Date) Last Accessed.