Feeders in a Master Plan

RETURN TO: Internal (Availability Factor 2)


Review Internal, linked above, to understand the basic tools.


  • Select Feeders from other Plans
  • Cascade Feeders to Sub plan
  • (Optional) Assign Feeders by Plan Group
    • Delete a Feeder from the Plan Group
    • Read Feeders by Plan Group

Working with Feeders in a Master Plan

Select Feeders from other Plans

When jobs from one location/sub plan can be considered feeders for jobs in another sub plan, feeders can be selected from those plans.

With the Availability > Internal screen displayed, choose [Feeder Options] from the upper toolbar. Check the box for: Allow feeders to be selected from other plans. Choose Company, Establishment, and Plan from the drop-downs.

Important Note: If cross-plan Promotion (and/or Transfer) entries are included in Master plan data and you want those actions to be considered, this setting must be turned on.

Proceed to assigning feeders in the same manner as described under: Internal (Availability Factor 2).

Cascade Feeders to Sub plan

The following functions can be cascaded to sub plans, using a check box at the bottom of the page:

  • Add Feeders
  • Import Feeders from an Existing Plan or External File
  • Read Feeders from Promotion (and Transfer) Data

The following Additional Internal Availability Tools also have cascade options:

  • Remove Downward Movement
  • Assign Weight to Feeder Jobs

(Optional) Assign Feeders by Plan Group

If Plan Groups were set up as Reporting Levels, a drop-down in the Internal Availability menu header will allow you to select a Plan Group before assigning feeders. The process is the same as described above, except that particular options will be available for cascading settings to sub plans in the Plan Group.

After making selections for Job Codes/Job Titles, click [Cascade Selected Feeders], a button in the lower toolbar. From the provided pop-up menu, click either:

  • [Cascade and Append] (Add)
  • OR

  • [Cascade and Overwrite] (Replace)

Delete a Feeder from a Plan Group — With the appropriate Plan Group selected from the upper drop-down, check off one or more Job Codes/Job Titles. Then choose the following button from the lower toolbar: [Delete Selected Feeders from Plan Group].

Read Feeders by Plan Group — After clicking the [Read Feeders] button, a menus of cascade options for the Plan Group and Job Group will display at the bottom of the page. First, check the box for: Yes, cascade to my plan group. Then, select one of the following options:

  • Cascade by reading feeders from the activity for each individual sub plan in plan group.
  • Cascade by copying the feeders from the Master Plan to each individual sub plan in plan group, where the feeder job is staffed.