BalanceAAP 2015 Adverse Impact Reporting Changes

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Our Version 3.3 software includes changes to our balanceAAP Plan Summary reports and detailed Adverse Impact reports. These changes are intended to better align Affirmative Action plan reporting with OFCCP’s recently revised Scheduling letter, which requires submission of personnel transaction data by each of the individual races, rather than by total minority.


Although balanceAAP previously had the capability to review personnel transactions by individual race, as well as by total minority versus non-minority, we have revised the formatting of our Adverse Impact reports to make it easier for you to identify the correct reports for review and submission to OFCCP. The new reports no longer assume that women and monitories are the protected groups in each selection decision.

Instead, consistent with OFCCP’s current audit protocols, Berkshire’s software analyzes hiring, promotion, transfer, and termination data, based on the favored group analysis set forth in the Uniform Guidelines for Employee Selection Procedures (UGESP). Under this analysis, the selection rate for each individual race is compared with the selection rate for the group with the highest rate.

We also have revised the formatting of all Adverse Impact reports and BALANCEhub tools to better focus your attention on those selection decisions that are statistically significant. BALANCEaap's Adverse Impact reports will continue to evaluate whether selection decisions meet the Four-fifths (or 80%) rule, and whether the impact of selection decisions is statistically significant. The reports in the new release refer to the Four-fifths calculation as an “Adverse IRA” calculation; and we have added a column to display the Shortfall calculation, or the difference between the expected and actual number of selections. BALANCEhub Summary reports will only highlight those personnel decisions where statistically significant adverse impact has been shown.

How do these Changes Impact AAP Preparation in balanceAAP?

The following changes have been made to the Adverse Impact reports:

  • The Traditional Adverse Impact reports, previously available, can still be accessed through balanceAAP, but are now called “Adverse Impact….Traditional”.
  • Plans created after the 3.3 release will have the Traditional Adverse Impact reports hidden by default. These reports can be displayed by unchecking the “Hide Legacy Reports” check box, accessed by clicking [Global Settings] on the Select Reports page.
  • Adverse Impact reports will no longer be specifically named “by Favored Groups." New plans will only display Adverse Impact reports and Adverse Impact Detail reports.
  • Adverse Impact Detail reports have been updated to support the favored group analysis. The Adverse Impact reporting for Applicants has been enhanced to further breakdown selected groups into: Hired, Internal Successful, and Offer Extended.
  • In addition to favored group analysis being shown by individual Race and Gender, a third report section will show results for Total Minorities vs. Whites.
  • BALANCEhub will also include corresponding changes to calculations, reports, Dashboard, and graphs. BALANCEhub Summary reports will show only those areas where statistically significant adverse impact is shown in personnel actions.