Plan Information


  • Review Plan Information
  • Archive Setting
    • About the Archive Setting
    • How Archiving Works
    • Change the Default Archive Setting
  • Allow Berkshire Technical Support to View/Edit Plan

Review Plan Information

The Plan Information screen displays the entries made when the plan was created, using this tab: Create Plan. As described below, additional settings are also available.

Archive Setting

About the Default Archive Setting

On the Plan Information > Plan Dates menu, the system will auto-fill the Plan Archive Date, in accordance with current OFCCP regulations for records retention. (Currently the setting is three years.) It is recommended that plans remain accessible in the system for at least the required time period.

Note for Master Plans: Plan archiving for the associated sub plans is controlled by the Master Plan setting.

Quick Tip: For users with multiple single plans (not organized under a Master Plan), it is recommended that all plans for a year have the same Plan Archive Date.

How Archiving Works

When the Plan Archive Date for a plan is reached, plan access will expire. Prior to the Plan Archive Date, the plan creator or System Administrator can: Export the Plan. However, the access period for a plan may be extended, as described next.

Note: An archived plan will be available for retrieval by Berkshire's Product Support from the Berkshire archive for up to an additional two years. After the archive period, the information will be permanently deleted. lf you have questions about archiving, please contact Product Support.

Change the Default Archive Setting

Click on the current Plan Archive Date entry; then, select a new date from the provided calendar.

Allow Berkshire Support to View/Edit Plan

If you need technical assistance from Berkshire, it may be helpful to give Berkshire permission to view/edit the plan while assisting you.

Navigate to the Plan Information > General Information menu, and select one of the following options:

  • Allow Berkshire Tech Support to view my plan.
  • Allow Berkshire Tech Support to edit my plan.

This feature may be edited at any time.

If any updates are made to Plan Information, click the [Save] button at the bottom of the page.