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  • User Access
  • Default User Settings
    • Set Notifications
    • Determine the Default Display for Manage Job Seekers
    • Determine the Default Display for Manage Requisitions
    • Set Time Zone

Two tabs under System Tools > Client Settings control default settings for user access levels and receipt of notifications, views, and time zone, respectively.

Alert: Client Settings were determined during the initial BALANCEtrak Implementation. Because these settings are critical to software operation, some will be locked at that time. If you have questions about settings or would like changes made, contact your system Administrator or Berkshire’s Product Support, as appropriate for your role and organization.

User Access

The User Access Levels, which were established during the initial BALANCEtrak Implementation, will display. A check box on the Options menu also allows the following:

When adding a requisition, look at the user access code, in addition to the job code, to determine the forms that should be added to the new requisition.

Default User Settings

Cross-reference: The individual user can later change the Default User Settings for page displays and notifications, by accessing Account tools from the page header. See: Account Settings.

Checkboxes on the Client Settings > Default User Settings tab refer to options for reverting account settings, initiating notifications, time zone, and page list displays.

The box may be checked on the Default User Settings menu to: Revert all user account settings to the client default values.

Set Notifications

The default options for sending notifications about system activities are determined, using the following menu —

Notify users when:

  • A requisition is closing. Sent at 7:00 AM Eastern Time.
  • Someone applies for a job. If this option is selected, a further selection can be made to receive this type of notification:
    • On the day they apply at 10:00 PM Eastern Time, or
    • Immediately after they apply
  • Someone completes a background check form.
  • Notify me during each step of an approval process when I am a participating user.

Quick Tip: These options may be left unselected, so that each user can determine whether to receive notifications.

Determine the Default Display for Manage Job Seekers

The Manage Job Seekers menu controls the default view of the Job Seekers page. The Job Seekers list can be displayed by:

  • All
  • Recent
  • Not Assigned
  • Internal
  • Flagged

Determine the Default Display for Manage Requisitions

The Manage Requisitions menu is used to control the default view of the Requisitions page. The Requisitions list can be filtered to display by a specific status, depending on the Implementation. Some examples include:

  • Pending
  • Accepting Applications
  • Awaiting Approval
  • Closed (Position Filled)
  • Closed (Position not Filled)
  • Hiring Manager Review

Set Time Zone

The (U.S.) Time Zone is determined, based on drop-down options; and the provided box may be checked, if daylight savings time is observed. Several system activities (e.g., Calendar events/notifications, Job Seeker applied, Requisition History/Notes) will be time-stamped by the system, based on the selected Time Zone.