DASH > Reports



  • (Where installed) Select Plan Groups for Inclusion in DASH Report
  • Determine DASH Report Settings
  • Output and Export DASH Report

Run Reports from DASH Information

Access the DASH > Reports tab to determine report options and run/export reports from DASH Graphics and Data.

Select Plan Groups for Inclusion in DASH Report

If this menu is active in your installation, select to display results for:

  • All Plans
  • OR

  • Specific Plan Groups — Then choose one or more Plan Groups from the provided menu.

BALANCEaap Help Cross-reference: If you are a plan owner/Administrator and would like to use Plan Groups, see: Reporting Levels > Plan Groups.

Sections menu

In the Sections menu, choose which of the View-tab Exhibits to include in a report:

  • Exhibit 1 — Pie Charts
  • Exhibit 2 — Summary
  • Exhibit 3 — Map / Metrics
  • Exhibit 4 — Scorecard

Determine DASH Report Settings

Choose how you would like the content to be displayed:

  • Graph and Data
  • Graph Only
  • Data Only

The default selection is: Graph and Data.

Output and Export DASH Report

Under View report as, select either:

  • Preview (HTML)
  • OR

  • Export (PDF)

Under Export report as, choose:

  • Single (consolidated) File
  • OR

  • Separate Files (contained in one ZIP file for download)

Click [Run Report].