SHARE > Select Reports



  • View a Plan Report
  • Export one or more Plan Reports

Select Reports to View or Export

After selecting a plan from SHARE > Plans, enter the SHARE > Select Reports tab to access the list of reports associated with the plan.

Quick Tip: The Select Reports tab is carried over from BALANCEaap. As such, you can also access the completed plan Narratives from the Select Reports tab.

Using the radio buttons, you can choose to view the Select Reports list in one of two ways:

  • By Report Group (e.g., Narratives, Workforce, Main AAP Reports, Adverse Impact, depending on your installation)
  • Alphabetically (by report name)

The list will refresh.

View a Plan Report

First, navigate to the menu at the bottom of the page. Select whether to View Reports in:

  • PDF


  • HTML

Then click the [View] icon to the right of a particular report to open it in a separate PDF window. If a graph display is available for the report, click the [View Graph] icon to see the graphic.

Export one or more Plan Reports

Use the check boxes to the left of each report, and select one or more reports for export. To quickly include all reports, check the box in the list header to: Select All Reports.

Navigate to the menus at the bottom of the page. Choose to Export Reports as:

  • Single (consolidated) File


  • Separate Files (which will be ZIP’d for download)

Then, Select a File Type for Export:

  • Excel
  • PDF
  • Word

Note: The Administrator determines the options menu for export file type, using BALANCEhub > System Tools. (PDF is the system's initial default selection.) If you are an Administrator, see: Default Settings.

Click the [Save] button to store these settings for future use.

Note: The Narratives for Minorities/Women, Individuals with Disabilities, and Protected Veterans can only be exported in PDF.

Click the [Export Reports] button to initiate the export process. Choose a location to save the file.