SHARE > Tabs for Administrators / Plan Owners



The BALANCEhub Administrator or BALANCEaap plan owner can determine —

  • Settings for the Select Reports page

In addition, the Administrator or plan owner can work with these SHARE tabs —

  • Plan Overview
  • Additional Documents
  • Narrative Tags and Templates
  • User Management
  • Email Users

Settings for the Select Reports page

Note: Report settings carry over between  BALANCEaap and BALANCEhub.

Choose Select Reports from the SHARE tab header. Then click the [Report Settings] icon, which is located in the list header at the upper right. The Report Settings menu will display Global options and settings by Report Group name.

For Global options, you can choose to:

  • Suppress Statistical Significance Footnotes
  • Include Date Footer
  • OR

  • Enter text for a Custom Footer

Next, locate a Report Group to review and set parameters for the particular set of reports. When all selections are complete, click the [Save] button.

Plan Overview

Graphs on the Plan Overview tab summarize key plan information, which can be displayed: By Race or By Gender, using links on the control bar in the upper right.

To explore a more detailed view of the information in a graph, click items within each graph.

Example: The Workforce for Minorities pie chart shows employment by Department. To see the breakdown for a given Department, click on that slice to view counts of Minorities and Whites within the Department.

Settings Link

Click the Settings link, found in the upper control bar, to change: Plan Overview Settings.

Under Job Groups, you can select:

  • All Job Groups
  • OR

  • Selected Job Groups — The menu will expand to display EEO Job Groups, from which you can make selections.

Under Incumbency vs. Estimated Availability Graph, select to:

  • Hide Job Groups without a Placement Goal (default)*
  • Show Placement Goal (default)

Note: If a change is made to current graph settings, it will apply temporarily. To update the default values, access the Plan Overview Settings menu from the page header at: System Tools > General / Overall Settings.

Click [Save] to update the graphical display.

View Narratives

The BALANCEhub Administrator may provide the option to view the IWD Narrative (Individuals with Disabilities), the Veterans Narrative, and/or the Minorities/Women Narrative from the Annual Master Plan. Click on the desired link in the upper control bar to view the document.

To view individual reports for the selected plan, click the Select Reports tab (as described above).

Additional Documents

On the SHARE > Additional Documents tab, documents associated with the plan may be placed on the Uploaded Documents list, organized by sub-tabs, as described below:

The Company Documents sub-tab acts as the master repository for organization-wide documents (e.g., Affirmative Action policy, OFCCP regulations, the results of a recent employee survey on diversity) while the Plan Documents sub-tab displays documents specific to the currently displayed plan.

The Plan Documents sub-tab will house any documents previously added within a BALANCEaap plan.

Simply click a document’s Display or Document Name to view it in a new window. The list may be sorted, using the [Move Up/Down arrows] on the right side of the list.

The Administrator may also access tools to perform document-related actions:

  • Upload (documents)
  • Preview a Document
  • Delete [Remove This File]
  • Edit [Edit Display Name of This File]

The files will be made available to users for selection on the Select Reports page, under Client Documents.

BALANCEaap Help Cross-reference: For detailed information, see: Additional Documents.

Narrative Tags and Templates

The Administrator may edit elements on the Narrative Tags and Narrative Templates sub-tabs, which feature "cross-over" BALANCEaap tools for these purposes.

BALANCEaap Help Cross-references:

User Management

For Administrators, the Share > User Management tab lists the users who have access to BALANCEhub for a displayed plan, by Email Address and Publish Group. The information on this list may be sorted by column header.

To add a new user, click the [Add] button. In the Add User window, enter the email address, and select the appropriate Publish Group from the drop-down menu. The user’s name will automatically be populated if the user exists in BALANCEworks. Click [Add] again.

To remove an existing user’s access for the displayed plan, click the corresponding check boxes; then click the [Delete] button.

To change the user’s assigned Publish Group for the current plan, click the name of the current Publish Group. In the pop-up window, select the new Publish Group from the drop-down menu, and click [Submit].

Cross-reference: For information on creating a Publish Group, see: System Tools > BALANCEhub Publish Groups.

Email Users

On the Email Users tab, the Administrator can notify BALANCEhub users that plan reports are available to view.

Cross-reference: The email is defined, using System Tools > Email Settings.

When sending the email, choose the recipient group from the following options:

  • All users
  • Users that have not already received an email (Users who did not previously receive an email for their assigned plans)
  • Users that have not viewed the reports (Users who have not yet logged into the system and viewed reports)
  • Selected Users — If this option is selected, check off one or more users.

Click [Send Email] and confirm.