About Creating Sub plans for a Master Plan



  • Add Plan Codes
    • What are Plan Codes?
  • Generation of Sub plans
  • About Applying Audit Status to Master and Sub Plans

Note the following considerations, if you answered Yes to Create Plan, question 4: Will you be creating multiple plans from a master plan data set?

Add Plan Codes

After you click the [Create Plan] button to build a Master Plan, balanceAAP will automatically display: Plan Codes. Next Step:

What are Plan Codes?
When entered, Plan Codes will identify "sub plans", representing AAP locations across your organization, so they can be organized under the Master Plan. This framework helps automate and standardize the preparation of multiple plans, while also allowing for customization in the sub plan.

Generation of Sub plans

Once codes are entered, the system will create the appropriate sub plans, adding them to the Plans > Recent Plans list. Using that list, you can then enter each sub plan to review (and edit Settings > Plan Information, as appropriate).

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About Applying Audit Status to Master and Sub Plans

During the Create Plan process (question 9), check the box next to: Is this plan under audit?. (After the plan is created, the option to turn on Audit Status will no longer be available.)

Then, open the audit sub plan and navigate to: Plan Information. Check the box, as appropriate, indicating Audit Status. When the Master Plan is published to Reports, the sub plan will be flagged as Under Audit on the Dashboard display.

Help Cross-reference: For information on the reporting display, see: Dashboard > View.